Connecting The Heart and Third Eye

Summary of the video the dude says that connecting these chackras together will make it easier to open your third eye because it connects the strong electric force in the heart to the third eye adding more power to the process.

I don’t know about directing the heart energy to the Eye but I do agree when he says that this should be a “holistic process” in the way that just working on your Eye without working on any of the others will likely cause Inbalances. Just like when you affect one area of your body other areas are affected somehow, messing with one chackra will effect the others so treating them as a whole system would be the best way to go.

Any thoughts on what the guy says in the video about harnessing the power of the heart?

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He’s absolutely right about the water molecules part.

So here’s my outlook. Awhile back I was studying some stuff by Robert Bruce, great guy it you want to learn energy work. He said that storing too much energy in the higher chakras actually causes a lot of damage to said energy center. In fact, the experience of such a thing is often draining and ungrounding. think of a house with a weak foundation. Now, you’re taking the energy from the heart center/heart chakra. That depletes the energy of that particular center and spreads it. At this point it’s like a funky pillar that’s extremely slim in the dead center and large on both ends. It weakens and causes issues in that area. If it were with an outside source of energy, I’d look at it differently. But it sounds like he’s talking about moving energy from one spot to another, which I don’t advise, being a healer myself.

There’s a particular place that can store and evenly spread the energy, but I don’t remember it’s location or name. I believe it’s around the navel but I’ll have to check before saying for sure. Interesting none the less.

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Moreover, with the lacking heart energy, you’re likely to ignore emotions that should be paid attention to and are likely to unintentionally become a “robot” in the sense that you’d be lacking emotional energy and can come off as draining, Moody, see your shadow aspects, etc.

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Those are all exactly my thoughts as well. Especially the ungrounding by paying too much attention to the head area. When something tried to possess me a while back forcing it’s way in it gave a major shock to the points in my head and it took me a little while to balance everything out. It was incredibly uncomfortable to say the least. Keeping everything in tune and grounding is essential.

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