Conjuring your past life shadow

If reincarnation is true, that means that we’ve been here for quite some time. And it also means we’ve left around alot of lifetimes embedded in shadow selves that are lurking around either in the lower astral or in our world.
So, does anyone have any idea how to harness that kind power and wisdom?

Performing a necromantic rite on your past life self, conjuring you past life shadow.

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Whilst I am sure this is definitely possible, I have had some success with invoking and then reintergrating the memories as direct knowledge

Having an army of shadows at your disposal, everyone of them representing an aspect of himself. Just like demon president, duke or king… Not bad eh?

Taking in all of the knowledge of your past lives could be problematic. Depending on how long the soul in question has been present, it could literally overload the brain and kill it.

My advice? Evoke your former self. One of them, at least. Look into your ancestry in a trance and see which pops.

Repeat the process until you feel sufficiently educated by yourself.

Then send the shades to work.

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Evoke Your old self, bind it completely to something (like a bottle) and Eat it bit by bit.
You can not eat an Elephant at least not in one Meal…
Just my 2 cents.

Interesting idea!
But your past lives IMO are imbedded in your subconcious in this life.
So maybe evoke yourself in this life and ask about the past ones to know what to expect and decide if it would be a good idea to evoke that aspect of yourself.

What if in a past life you were a serial killer or tyranical leader like vlad the impaler or something simumlar?
Them you would have one nasty shade to deal with.
But on the other hand if it’s an aspect of yourself it might be mote easier to control if you can tap into that aspect with yourself that’s alive now

Sorry for rambling just some ideas.A lot of possibilities with this.
Give it a shot and let us know what happens!

This is something interesting indeed. I can feel somehow power in my previous selves and would be nice if I could use them as servitors.

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Since we live in the now, it also means that even our past selves are still alive at this point, but just at a different time. By evoking our past selves, they will either be scared the living shit out of, or they would see it coming because they are probably bad ass wizards of the past.

Nah, I just have a veritable ton of midget warrior kings in my line. By 1800 they grew a foot and a half taller, but no mages that I know of.

Only the bad ass knights and warriors.

The answer lays in your subconscious due to the past lives is still a part of you your soul does carry a memory and is liked to your subconscious. a simple self hypnosis would work while staring into a flame. I was a necromancer in one of my past lives

Are there any rituals or exercises to see your past lives?



try staring into a candel light while meditating imagine your self living your life backwards continue with this and as you draw near a feta state close your eyes and imagine your self going back into the womb now keep it in your mind that that is not the end enter the feta and that will allow you to keep going back and back ext ext

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