Conjuring queen aynah for pleasure

Have anyone ever worked with queen aynah…can someone give me guides on how to summon her

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For pleasure? If it’s for love, lust matters to do with someone else then maybe.

However I wouldn’t summon/conjure/evoke a spirit/entity with the intention of pleasure/sex if that’s what you mean by that. They’ll know your intention but that’s a mistake alot of people make.

I mean yeah you can ask any being if they want to do that stuff, but that shouldn’t be your only/prime reason for interacting with them.


…a simple Google Search of “Queen Aynah” comes up with a grimoire someone uploaded online that outlines a method of conjuring her. I didn’t read it in detail but you might find what you’re looking for if you look at it yourself.

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Thank you dear…:blush:

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