Conjured Baldur (need insight)

Today, I conjured Baldur Odinson for the first time, but I would like to know from the experts if I did it right or not. Basically I used the simple but powerful conjuration, which is walking in a counter-clockwise circle chanting “Lathu Baldur” 9x every time I face North and wait for the winds to change, then merely greeted him and thanked him for coming here, and told him I needed his help to bring happiness in my life, like employment and wealth, then offered him these three things:

  1. Dates smeared with Honey

  2. Freshwater from the nearby stream that next to my house.

  3. A story, basically it was my idea for a more faithful film idea for what should have been Thor of the MCU. Like this was the sequel to Thor, where Thor, Baldur, Tyr, and other noble figures to defend Asgard, in short: Thor with his brothers (yeah even Loki) saved Asgard but at a severe cost, Tyr’s life, Thor’s arm, and Loki killed Baldur after Thor appointed Baldur to protect Odin during the Odinsleep, but I hope he wasn’t offended (do you think he would be?). I’ll provide specific details via PM on request for those that are curious.

Then I just chanted Alu 9x in a clockwise circle, and that was the end. So yeah, what do you guys think? Do you think he may answer my request? Because Odin answered my request with haste, even showered my house with snow, when I asked him for a sign.

The reason I did it, was because I had suicidal thoughts after my brother claimed I was selfish, because I didn’t want to go to my Father’s failing Auto Shop anymore, and it especially wounded me because we recently buried our old cat, Sophie, and I was fiercely digging at night, knowing full well wild animals were crawling around, like Mountain Lions and Bobcats, even Black Bears, and he called me Selfish right at my face, as if what I did meant nothing to him, even though we all loved Sophie dearly (she was suffering from diabetes and they had to put her down). I was half-tempted to kill him, either by own hands or Beezlebub, never felt angrier in all my being. So, do you think Baldur can amend my broken trust with my brother, or should I look to someone else. Also, while I’m on this topic, is there anyone here who can help me if my urge to kill myself comes back? Seriously, I felt so low like I was a piece of shit that deserved to be flushed down the toilet.

It’s possible, but it’s not an expert thing to tell you what the Gods will or will not do. You do it right when you feel their presence. After such you make sure it’s the actual deity and it seems it was, so now you wait and see.

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So, do you think I offended him, by offering a story where he dies? Or would you think he would be in awe of the details of how power he, Tyr, and Thor were in this What should have been the real MCU Thor. When I call upon Thor, I’ll give him a the third installment of this story, which involves Ragnarok. I told Odin the first installment of the story (basically glorifying Odin)

I dont think so, some Gods find the stories humans make of them entertaining, stories, poetry, films, things of that nature are fine offerings. Ones about them could be even better. From my experience Baldr seems pretty…docile?

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Good, then I ended the story by telling him a spoiler, that Loki gets turned into a woman and is sent to Midgard with no memories of who he was, when Thor became the new Allfather/ Rune King, basically resembling Odin (yeah lost his eye when he fought Hel).

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