Here are pictures above my St. Cyprian altar. Combining JC and demons has not been a problem. I was raised a Christian and rejected it for several decades until Glasya Labolas brought me back to the faith so to speak. I took Frater Xavier’s advice (although mine is LHP) to embrace your Christian up bringing when practicing magic instead of suppressing your past.

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Duality is neither good nor bad, Duality is simply a concept some choose to adhere to in one way or another, working with Jesus while being devoted to whoever holds the title Satan (or Satanael the fallen angel) does change that.

Jesus be he an ascended master, a child of God, or even a fragment of God who became its own person they can still teach you a lot from a different spectrum of what Satan may be teaching you.


I like how you explained that, that was perfect, ty for relaying the message I really appreciate it.

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