Ok so this is gonna be controversial, but I’m having hard time right now… I know a thing or two but I’m still learning. I have took an oath to serve Satan, I turned my back on jesus christ. Now do I follow just Goetia no not at all I follow all Pantheon’s I hold no judgment. I have alot of Norse Blood, Native American in me so I’m a very Spiritual person. But there has been alot of Light Bringers in my life the past two weeks. Has it changed my views hell naa. But its kinda heavy on me, the darkness isn’t heavy but all this light that has been around me is really different. Father isn’t reprimanding it nor Is Lilith if she had a problem with she sure as hell would tell me lol. The things she does when she hot and furious lol so sexy she is lol. But yeah any thoughts???

Dude what are you trying to say


Is jesus christ trying to teach out to me? And is it wrong? Me I feel it is but the things I’ve been picking up on is more a universal god light? So I’ve been confused about what I have already picked up on. That is duality ok to have?

No idea.

Not at all.

Why not?

Some dont believe you can sell your soul some do. I did 4 yrs ago, my life improved for the best as I started to follow Lhp I’ve had My cultures become stronger as I awoke I would consider my self Pagan, with a twist of being open to others. But when I consciously took spirituality it is Lhp, I feel that it’s a slap in the face to Satan to allow jesus christ in my life

Despite what JCI says I assure you they aren’t some kind of enemies locked in an eternal battle. With that being said I am out of this thread.

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you can’t sell your soul your soul do become a slave.

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i mean they don’t have big battles in between.

I didnt take part in becoming a slave just as some worship serve god do to heaven, giving your soul to Satan is just like getting dumped in water as a christian. It’s no difference. There doesn’t half to be a negative effect of energy just because its Dark

But what I have read on multiple places, they say there is.

It’s a war they both are building troops to see who reigns lol but like I said I’m open to all and the only one I do disrespect is christianity,

okay you have just took oath to serve him, okay then he doesn’t have to have problem with you working with any of the other spirits.

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idk why i dont feel right and i feel bad answering , something just saying to leave imma head out

Ok I feel that and I have seen that as I work with more then just Goetia it’s just the X-mas guy that I feel is the problem he dont mind them being around. I feel that’s as far as its gnna go. But ty I really appreciate the open mindedness cuz that’s exactly how I feel. Ty

If you specifically ‘sold your soul’ then you’d likely serve that spirit for some time in the afterlife. I believe that is what @ARD meant.


And yes you can work with anyone. There are quite a few on here who have worked with YHWH, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Satan, Lucifer, all kinds of Demons at the same time without any conflict between them. None of these spirits are quite like what Christians think they are.


i did never understood christianity just to know i will try to understand why they so different view of this aspect.

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Well ty so much I really appreciate from the both of you.

May your Journey be Blessed