Confusion with King Paimon and King Belial

Hey !

So I made a post last time, asking questions about Belial because I wish to work with him. His name appeared in my dream last year, and at that time I wasn’t interested by the occult at all.

And so two or three weeks ago maybe, I’ve tried to evoke him. I couldn’t hear or feel anything, so I assumed my senses were just not developped enough. I asked him to help me developping them.

I am working first on my clairaudience, which is going well honestly, I’m able to hear few things, but I have no idea if Belial is helping me on that, in a way I know he is but I still have doubts.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about Dantalion and King Paimon, and I got quite interested by them, and was thinking to work with them at some point. Then King Paimon appeared in two of my dreams, so I assumed he maybe wanted to work with me.
Last night, I wrote a petition to him, asking to help me developping my clairaudience. Went to sleep after that, and had a dream with Belial in it this time (after a year without hearing about him), telling me some kinky stuff and saying how he will visit me tonight.

So I am left a bit confused, I like following my dreams since I cannot hear spirits yet, but I have no idea what they want from me.
Should I work with both of them for now ? Did I make a mistake contacting King Paimon with the petition ?

Thank you for reading.


Definitely not a mistake. King Belial and King Paimon work well together. King Belial has directed me to work with King Paimon and I’m working with him on that exact same thing! He just sent me a cat familiar a couple days ago. I made a post about it if you’re interested.


Like a real cat or a Spirit cat,?

Oh that is good to know, thank you. I was afraid Belial was a bit angry, even though he was far from upset in my dream.
I’ve read your post about the cat, quite interesting. I have a lot of cats in my house, they are amazing. One of them showed up 3-4 years ago, and decided to stay in our house, and of course we accepted him.
And I believe one of my guides is actually my deceased cat, she died 4 years but she is still around, I was able to feel her on my bed few nights ago :smile:

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A real cat