Confusing message from Clauneck

Last night I performed an evocation with clauneck, I have been working on hearing during evocation through mediation and breathing exercises.

It wasn’t crystal clear but I feel like I received some partial communication, though I’m unclear how to interpret the messages.

My initial request, I asked for his help in making money through my chosen profession. There was something like resistance and I asked again and heard “nothing I can do will change your destiny” so I wrote that down in my notes, and continued to ask questions.

I found that confusing, and realized that that might be my first clear message from a demon, and not my own wishful Internal thinking bleeding through, as I can’t figure out what that message means confidentially. Especially in relation to my career goals.

I went on to ask if I would make money as my chosen profession, he said yes.

Then when I should expect that to happen and heard “it will happen on its own time” but when I asked sooner or later, I heard “sooner”

I ended the questions by asking “can you help me with financial security until that time?” I received a simple “yes”

Does anyone have any thoughts on Clauneck’s first message?

Is clauneck indicating that my career future is bright and there’s no work for him to do, or is he saying that career stuff is simply beyond his purview? Or are my goals just simply not going to happen? My destiny is to, I don’t know, not make money at the thing I’ve been working at for years?