I’m currently working with Azazel and I’m a little confused about something…

At first, Azazel felt like a mystic, fertility and sexual demon, as well as very inhuman. Somewhat like a demonic Pan. After some more invocations of him, he started to feel different and I got the impression that something isn’t right. He feels more like a fiery demon (at first it was like water, a black fluid circling me) and this is giving me some doubts.

Did any of you had the same experience? The mysticism is gone, as well as the fertility and sexual aspect. Now I feel a fiery power… Also, it no longer feels like a demon (but I guess it’s just because I got used to having demons around me at all times).

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First of all are you sure this entity is indeed Azazel?I’m not doubting your knowledge being Idon’t know about your experiences.And if it IS Azazel you have to take under consideration he is a Demonic King,and will have a very intense presence.Also he could be testing your wits.I havn’t had any type of this close of contact with an entity,I’m just speaking from what I’ve learned about the nature of these things,so I don’t mean to offend.I’ve been trying to contact Azazel for quite some time myself to no avail.I want to learn from him as from what I’ve heard he’s the man to go to for knowledge.Let me know how your experiences unfold,hope my 2 cents helped.Good luck!

I’m pretty sure it’s Azazel. I invoked him using his personal sigil, so there’s no doubt about it. Also, I’m getting a more stabilized energy from him now. I’m currently doing some possession working with him and I’m getting pretty good results.

And yes, that thought entered my mind. He’s probably testing me or something. Also, I get very weird feelings from his possession. I sometimes feel a fiery breath on my face, burning through my skin in some sort of etheric but tangible manner… This shit is intense!

And how come you couldn’t contact him? He’s actually fairly easy to contact, given he’s a Watcher. His name also sends surges of power through your being and draws him near… Maybe he did show up but you didn’t sense him, ever thought of that?

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Yeah I"ve felt the presence of spirits before,but one time in particular to Azazel I had a ritual space sat up behind the shed of the place I was living in,and planned to evoke Azazel later that night.I had to walk to the gas station for cigs and decided the whole trip there and back I would chant his enn.@On my way back from the store it was getting dark and a full moon was out.I looked up and saw what looked like a star falling towards my neighborhood.As soon as I got home I rushed to the ritual space where there on the altar face down as I laid it was Azazel’s sigil glowing with immense light.I continued the chant and felt a pressence I knew was him behind me.All the sudden with no incense smoke or consecration rites a shadow figure glided from behind me right into the triangle!However my daughter was still awake and was waiting for dinner,so I asked the figure to please stay and prepare for manifestation later that night.When my daughter was settled in bed I went to perform the evocation.I no longer felt the pressence and the evocation failed to my knowledge.But I just ordered the Mastering Evocation course so hopfully I’ll work out the kinks.I’m also having problems opening the sigils.They flash yellow so I know they’re taking in my energy,but I can’t get the lines to flash into 3D.But there’s no way I’m giving up!Your experiences sound amazing and that’s what I want even if it kills me.

My workings with him have showed him as a Spirit interested in your development, as he went working on my heart chakra, wich is what I’m actually very worried about.

The reason why I address him as this, is because I just chanted his name one an another time, without expecting anything and then my heart chakra begun to expand/activate.

He’s a Saturnian Spirit isn’t it?

He is a Saturnian spirit (to my knowledge), but I don’t know about him working on chakras.

When I made the verbal pact of possession with him, I felt him invading me and expelling energies from my body. The energies he was pushing out were Luciferian energies. I actually felt attacked in a way or another.

Btw, Lucifer’s energy, in invocation, stays with you for approximately a week after his departure. It’s the most intense shit I’ve ever experienced. And I’m surprised Azazel managed to push them out as fast as he did.

The entities generally form in our perception in ways that make sense to our sensibilities, so its why people always tend to disagree about what they ‘look’ or ‘feel’ like when those appearances are just not their actual natural states. (In regard to the original post).

As for Azazel and chakras, coincidentally I am basically getting advice on how to right the faults of my own chakras from Azazel. Surely, its not comfortable in the short term. But its probably for the better. I must slay the spirit of doubt and there will be progress that can be made.

What are your guy’s methods of first initial contact with Azazel? I’ve tried everything I could think of.