Confused on what is going on

Today I got home from work and got comfortable. I decided to get some coffee and relax a bit. As I was sitting there I felt something that Iv been feeling since I want to say day before yesterday? It’s like touches but kinda chilly but not cold. They happen at random times and don’t seem to feel bad.

Iv never felt this before. Even in extreme haunted places. Iv felt cold touches on my arms before from ghosts or even draining of energy from an entity but this feels different. I’m not a 100% sure what to think on this. Iv done purifying baths and yesterday even did something with Lucifer for my room.

I keep on thinking for some reason the word incubus, but not sure if that’s true or not. (Odd thing is I forgot how to spell it but just now I literally saw someone write it out in my mind).

I just don’t know if it’s an imposter or parasite or what. How can I go about verifying their identity?

Just an update. I did some meditation last night and came to the conclusion that it was basically parasites that fed off of sexual energy. That is why I had the word incubus written in my head for.

I also came to this conclusion because for the years Iv practiced on this path, yes I had a few In counters with them but every single letter I wrote was basically denied (tried three times two as letters and one with the help of another witch). The encounters that I had never left me questioning about their identity. On top of it I know Iv been having an issue with parasites and just entities from where I work.

I can do protection and cleansing but at the end of the day one tends to follow me home or try to latch on. But when you work where I do, it isn’t always easy keeping up a good solid shield unless you’re just really good with it but sadly I’m not to that point yet.

So yeah, just thought to share.