Confused,desperate,and the third eye that's shut

i…well…don’t know where to start but this is the only place that i have brothers and sisters that can understand and guide me through this.and this is gona be long story/problem
i started my journey in the lhp year and a half a go…
umm i was loooking for cure and help and spells to get of my mom’s and me 2 witches which cursde us.
money issues,they think we are some zilyonare couse of my mom parents the “family” was greedy so they went to gypsys muslim witches and made us go from great life to poverty,sickness,loneliness,and our life just frozen for the last 23 years.we tried and prayed but nothing happen.
so i searched other ways.
found lhp:D butttt…the problems is that my senses not working.i can’t haer see or talk to the ancient gods,i tried open sigils,gave offerings candels,and i ask for a sign from the gods that if they are in the room with me or in my house i asked them to knock some objects to the floor.nothing happen,the funny thing is that when i’m not dong the evocation i sometime’s feels the energies of a god/goddess and i get a picture or name in my mimd and i recognise who is with me at that time.
i turned to the gods azazel,belial,lucifer,Lilith,marbas,bael,king paimon and i did’nt get any respond like other brothers and sisters from here.but what’s really confusing me is that i talk with them telepathically
and they are really really swet nice and paitent with me a l o t!!!beacouse my 3’rd eye isn’t open i don’t know and i’m always in self douts…am i talking to my self or is it really them that italk to…i tend to mess up a i’m always affraid that i’m disrespectfull or done something that hurt them so i apolgizing to them 500 times a day…or like belial said in humor after i got on his nerves:"if i’m gonna here from yoo one more i’m sorry you’re gonna get it!!me:oh no i’m so sorry!!!oops…umm…didn’t say anything!!!
belial:…!!! but the other thing that weird is the second relative which to her making other
pepole life hell is fun…so i call mostly to the gods azazel,lucifer,marbas and king paimon but i’m afraid
to protect me and my mom from her or when i’m in other things that i feel that ican’t handle myself and they are helping me,problems are solved,and they are listening…but the doubt and fear are always there when start telpthically talking with them…maybe i’m talking to my self and not to them?
the three gods that i most talking to them now are lucifer,king paimon,and marbas.
with lucifer i drawn his sigil gave blood and ask for help in my life and protection.well…
my life enter a two week chaos…my phone died,my computer’s windows crushed,and i started to have difficulties which i wasn’t prepering my self for i undersatnd that lucifer was nice with me and wanted me to ascend faster then i was ready beacous i know why happen in that areas of my life
so i said lucifer thank you i understand what you are doing but thing are moving too fast and hard for me i’m not ready to pay the price i burned his sigil and said thanks to him and was wondering
but two weeks ago i was really in a tough situtation and i suddenly felt his energy and he was taking overme i searced for candle holders and and i felt he wanted me to buy 2 for him and one for me for whatever speels or other rituals.i was in doubt so in the bus i asked 2 signs from him that if he willing to help me and work with me that in the bus somebody will sneeze and something will fall.both of the signs happend!! i was shocked!!!
marbas is also helping me a lot he curesd my mother(we are quite poor)so i ask him to cure my mom and as an offering he will take energy as much and i can give(((i do this a lot with lucifer,azazel,belial beacous we open in the cards and we suddenly tht our witch realetive startin to cook for us some nasty hexes and i don’t have time or a lot of candles or offrings to give so i ask them to protect me and my mom and i offer my energy as an offring that all the evil she is doin will blow up in her face and they are helping me!!shock!!))) he accepted.i was shocked!!!
i put the sigil of king paimon under my pillow(everyone said it’s a great way to see the gods in the dream with the sigils under the pillow)nothing.but i had the best sleep in years and woke up fresh and full if energy…i’m shocked!!!so i found it really confusing…are they working with me? my 3’rd eye is closed and icn’t find out i can’t talk with them…i don’t know what to do…some said meditate on their sigils…but how will iknow again that they agree to work with me and help me in power myself up
i said that in return i will help them as much as i can…but i never got any special signs in the evcation it’s so wierd…i don’t know what to think.i’ts like in evoctaions they are not cooprating but when i need them they here helping me in almost everythink.
so i’m saking from all my brothres and sisters here help,advice.and guidance. i use tarot and runes and the answer is positive but…i feel completley alone and with the face against the wall.
i thanke you all every thing that’s on you’re mind plz share i’m happy to recieve any guidance or advice.plz help me and give me my hope back!!!i’m really starting to lose hope=\\\

and one more thing…the w/bitch that is huanting us we took care of them withsome banefulll magick
but the problem is tht now one of them is still healthy and rich and she’s going to other black magician’s muslims i suspect to make between me and my mother enourmous tantrums…it’s always last 3 days on the clock anfd after 3 days poof the strifes and tnatrums and anger just disapearing!!!
the anger is so great that even when someone breathing next to you you want to kill himO_O my mom she gets the worst effect of this and i don;t know how to get rid of it it’s like we’ve been possessed somebody can give me a spell or ritual agains it?or ancient god that can help me with this??
i ask marbas and he helps with that but she just won’t let go and keep cursing us and every 2 weeks for three days we become like werewulfes and we’re tire of it…i don’t want somebody eles to that for me becouse i want to learn how to banish it my self…plz it’s really important and i need all theknowledge anybody can give me about how cancel it.
thanks for reading and sorry it was so long i don’t have anybody to talk to about it and i feels realy good after finally to tell someones who understand my situatation.
thank you brothres and sisters!!!
hailing to the great gods:
hail azazel!!
hail bael!!!
hail belial!!
hail Lilith!!!
hail Lucifer!!!
hail marbas!!!
hail paimon!!!
thank you soooooooooooo much for the patince and understanding and being sooo nice and there for me and my mom even if can’t see hear or talk you!!!


Yeah Belials like that. He wants you to show backbone. Not sure why you’re praising spirits who haven’t done anything for you unless you’re leaving that out.

Before I worked with Belial the first time I was reading about everyone’s expierences and I thought “ wow this dudes pretty awesome”.

Then I heard a voice in my head say “ don’t praise me when I haven’t done anything for you”…


thanks bro!
about the backbone you’re right and i’m trying to be more tough but i praise them becouse they do and did help me when i’m asking from them but it’s really confusing!when i do the evocations i don’t get a respond or a sign if
i’m asking for it…they show up unexpectedly and i’m confused…how to tell the difference when they talk to me and not that it’s my own thoughts?

My suggestion would be to meditate with their sigil, use there enn’s to simply call there energy in your temple. In this way, you are basically allowing yourself to marinate in there specific energetic signature. Do this until, it starts to become familiar and you just know most of the time whom it is.
This way when they do speak to you outside of the temple, or wherever else that may be, you should be able to determine by the familiar feeling of the energetic presence that it is truly is whom you think it is speaking to you.
Not only will this help in identifying, it also is building a relationship with them subtlety, I mean, think of them like a person whom has never met you. If you met someone by reading an article about them and then just show up on there doorstep, and expect to chum it up like old friends, there going to tell you to piss off.
Same concept.


[quote=“BaelKala, post:4, topic:57209” I mean, think of them like a person whom has never met you. If you met someone by reading an article about them and then just show up on there doorstep, and expect to chum it up like old friends, there going to tell you to piss off.

lol!thanks bro and point taken:blush: i’ll do like you said!

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All you need to do is back out of the spirit world and live through your physical senses. That will unfreeze your family, bring good luck back, protect you, damn the people who cursed you, etc.

You need to make a commitment to living through your physical body & senses like you’re married to it.

Forget about these entities you talk to. It’s not going to ever get you out of the hole you’re in. It’s only going to get you in deeper.


I must admit I got confused: They do deliver what you asked for, so why are you doubting and “losing hope” as you said? Because you can’t hear them with your physical ears? That will come with time. For some takes longer than others, but that doesn’t mean anything. What matters is that you can communicate with them and they deliver… So…I don’t see what’s the problem on the 2/3 of your post…



That was profound!

When I started I was very young and hopeless. Couldn’t effectively do anything. I still wonder why I continued - doggedly. Waded through Crowley, fell asleep reading E.A. Waite but great just before bed with a top shelf, stiff drink as something to sip as you crawl through Waite and sleep descends.

Started relying upon myself, weak as I was, but with constant practice and **Liber Null & Psychonaut, Magick opened to me. At this time I noted the solitary Magician traditions of Europe and applied myself. Joined a rhp (teaching) Order and learnt a lot. Left Magick and ended up doing the greatest Magick of my life. Didn’t realise until far too late. Since my realisation I have applied Myself to Aeonics which I fell into via applying Chaos Paradigm Magick.


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Is that something that actually happens?

Yes, of course :slight_smile:

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Ok, this is out of my realm entirely but I’ll try.

First off, Please make sure you break up your wall of text, I read it; but not everyone has the patience to read through that, it is kinda hard to keep track of where you are in the text.

Secondly, I recommend meditation if you have the time. Or you could use binaural beats to start as a upper for your senses

I have a succubus with me and she speaks through thoughts. Any way I could get it to that level?

I’ll pm you so we won’t derail

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Ok, thanks.

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thank you sis!!! but… i can’t let my guard down!!my mother said the exact thing a a couple of months ago
if we live her in peace she would leave us…big mistake!!!big!!huge!!! we left her alone and wek later
we got bombed with major curse which coused us such a big fight i nearly left the house…
not to mention other troubles.
you see she’s the type that love and enjoy when others suffering. like:my life is great so i’m gonna make others suffer ha ha so i can be on we had to make her sit on her butt.
but it only works for aweek or so becouse she messing with black magic herself(learned from our ex-enemy who now too afraid to use any kind of magic)
but this one got many defences and she’s loaded with money so now after she got the boomerang from the ancient gods she turn to other pepole to make the dirty job.

yeah they save us every time hail the ancient gods!!! but i need my 3’rd eye to open so i’ll know what the first hag
did to us couse she went to four gypsy muslim witches to curse us badly and i don’t know what they did to breake and get rid of it. i can’t tell you how frusterating
i am becouse of that.
and can’t communicate with the ancients gods to know how to solve it or if they are ready to work with me.
so many lhp brothers and sisters here say they can talk and see and hear them but i’m spiritually blind deaf and can’t hear their guidance.
and i don’t know 100% if they agree to work with me or not…and i’m feeling quite lost becouse of it.
it’s like i’m on a hold in a phone call…

bro yes thank you i’m doing right now just like you said,reading a lot and using the incantations from the incantation topic.
this topic is pure gold!!!
practicing magick candles also and waiting like you said for magick world to open to me.

done that!! hope it’s much clear now it’s just so complicated that i had who reads it will get the full picture:weary:
bro thanks i didn’t heard about binourial beats until you told me:sweat_smile: searching for it right now!!!

and plz brothers and sisters keep the advices coming i need every help or methood you can share
that #$%$@#%#% curse was mede un 1995/6 and before that we had such a great life and i want them back :frowning:

Massage a little heating gel widdershins into the area of your third eye. Best before practice and before sleep.

P.s. Obviously don’t get it in your physical eyes.


If you need your third eye open fast then listen to this atleast 20 minutes a day or the whole video this will make you one with universe and awaken all your chakras including the 3rd eye
Here is some other videos you can listen to if you want to. Just listen to the one you like the most

I wish you the best in life. I really hope All these bad things in your life will disappear as soon as possible.
I hops this helps

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thank you so much noel!!!
and to all the brothers and sisers here that gave me advices and their guidance thank you again so much!!! you don;t don’t how they are important to me couse i’m at war here and they are life savers!!!

i just have something more to add…about the relatives of us that won’t get off my and my mothre’s back…
this saturday she went to see arabic magicians and hexed us again(we so it in the cards)…so my mother is in another weekly tantrums,but i finally found out what they do.i think he/she using djinns!!!
the places where she used to sit in our house started to filled with mold and i been reading here
that it’s a sign for spirit activity… somebody asked about it and c.kenndell said that the mold it’s connected to some arabic magick…any advice/spell/incantation how to to neutralize it?
yes…i know there is a search button up here but i need help fast i don’t have time to search the solution and start reading hundred of posts.

Yes it does. And ironically by doing meditations every day to help open my third eye, my hearing of spirits gets better. Can’t explain that one :woman_shrugging:

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