Confused and surprised ? Need answers !?

Is there anything that I should take into consideration That hasn’t been yet acknowledged or known about my succubus and the incubus’s other than what has been told for so long and is not well known and also I always felt I had more than one counterpart ever since i had tried to contact my succubi about a mouth ago and had encountered her 5 brothers or 4 but anyways it started with the 3 of them assaulting me sexually meanwhile my searching for her and I felt that maybe she should have known something was up but since she had done nothing about it for some reason …mabye she didn’t. after the crazy harassment. And assault was over, the eldest of her siblings came and started talking to me. In which he seemed to have some decent manner and respect than whatever the hell his younger Brothers had .then I had asked him where my women was but said nothing and changed the subject over the introducing me to the family instead in which I had bo intentions of knowing since they after all did harass me . meanwhile this conversation with him about his family … my spiritual mind had said that It felt like I had two companions for some Odd out of the blue reason . I was abit surprised that their could not read my thoughts taking that their incubus’s I do. Before I had woke up from contacting her … I heard one of her brothers saying " he kinda sexy …i might take her home with me!" Soo after all that shit I felt pretty awkward . are they all trying to force some kind of claim on me or something .i could tell they were all were. Not bound to anyone bc they were acting up like irresponsible hormonal jerks

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I still think she should have known something about it?? U think?? And also for some reason I had knew in my spiritual mind that she had alot of brothers and some other stuff too as if i knew her from a past life .its quite weird to think about but very important to know tho

Magick is where the human asks or commands the spirits to do things, and they obey, or more often, decide to ally with the magician for some shared aim.

You appear to be just letting random beings run your life and access your sex energy, and even assault you, then brush that off, so I’m not sure we can help with that.

This forum isn’t called Become A Living Doormat.


Oof. Yeah The best way I can explain this is that you in the spirit are equals. While they may be more powerful than you that does not make you lesser than them , They are helping you for their own reasons and they are always getting something out of it. I do not worship entities I respect them and think that they are cool similar to the way that I think that intellectual humans or artists are cool but they are not above me.


This is OUR realm, after all.

But often we can work as allies, and not have to kiss each other’s asses to get something done. :+1:


I really love this forum. It’s really great to see magical education like this.


If I said you are higher than this spirits and you suppose to command them, it might sound strange to you but you Are!

So, just start with coming to terms with that fact and “brush that off” “doormat” belief.

She just told me yesterday that I am her past life husband . lol I knew it ! So that’s why I’ve been having all those weird past life visions huh? Who would have thought!

She also told me that she did do something about that whole sexual assault situation after all , she said that she told them to back the fck off or she’ll beat the shit out of them . so no wonder they acting so scary while around me and her . lol what a women I have ! I glad she did do something after all
Cause i was about to flip the hell out :flushed:. She had not told me before bc well she didn’t think it mattered since its been already Taking care of …she is the type to do what she needs to do and let that be that- DONE . …without any talking about it or worrying and scrap which I can dig :yum:.