Confused about “lusting for results”


So many people say that lusting for results will sabotage your results, but I don’t get it. Wouldn’t wanting something that badly only push someone to manifest their desires? Where is the line drawn?

Maybe I’m just thinking about it too hard.


I’m kind of with you on that one.
I can see it a few ways: if ‘lusting for results’ means doubting and being fearful that it didn’t work, that would be a problem.

The other thing I saw was the idea that if entities are involved there was a sense of using forgetting about it to show complete trust in them coming through.

Finally there’s the idea that if you approach the done deed as done, you don’t need to lust for it any more. And by lusting for it you are acknowledging it’s not done, which is counter-affirmative.


When you do magick, when you cast spells or evoke a spirit to do something for you, you create a construct in the fabrics of reality.

When you start excessively lusting and doubting after results, you are basically messing with your own construct. Erasing it completely is quite hard to do if you did your magick right, but you can drastically slow down the manifestation.

The better your abilities, the less it will matter. But, of course, it takes both inner frame and skill, and at that point you will know without fault that your manifestations happen no matter what.

Best way to get over lusting and doubting is to think of how you would feel as if the result has already manifested. Feel that satisfaction and good feelings, and then let it go.

Then occupy yourself with something else.


It’s exact what lusting for result very often leads to.
I would add that when you perform a ritual, ie casting spells or evocations, you are asking to someone else (for example an entity) to do a work for you. By doing this you should put trust to such forces.
By checking continuosly if the job is done, if and when the result will happen,you are showing mistrust to such forces, angels, demons, spirits or whatever. This makes the whole operation fail.
Don’t lasting for results doesn’t mean that you are not more interested in the result itself, but that you KNOW that the result WILL happen. Indeed, feom the moment you put in motion some forces, inome way the result is already accomplished.
So do the ritual, ask what you have to ask, and then KNOW that it will happen. Indeed, act such as its already accomplished.
Yes, it’s a tricky mental attitude, but it has to be mastered for magick to work.
If you find tricky to don’t last for results or to act as the result is accomplished, PRETEND.

Best wishes for your Magical Work


Maybe, but not necessarily.

  1. this assumes you asked a third party in for help. Some of us do magik directly, healing and vampirism particularly don’t involve other spirits. In which case the knowing that’s it’s done bit is obvious because you were there and you did it. Monitoring the progress in this case is important because you might have more to do.

  2. Re mistrusting entities, I think people and emotions are much more complicated than this. You can be excited to watch progress without taking away trust that progress is happening.

I think I’m saying, I see why people would want this as a rule of thumb, but when you get a bit of experience under your belt, you’ll also know when you can bend the ‘rule’.


If I find myself thinking too much about a working I’ve done, I say to myself either mentally or out loud, “my desire is now manifested…my will is done, so it is, so it shall be”. Repeating this a few times seems to “relax” my mind and focus on other things. It works REALLY well for me.


Emotional entanglement is ill-advised, as it can lead to some nasty aftermaths, and extreme desire, fueled by emotion rather than raw will, tends to lead to this entanglement. The benefit of emotions is easy access points to intent, which will give the magic all it needs to flow, grow and be directed, however, it is a crutch that should be unlearned, as it can get dangerous in some situations. The risk is seldom worthwhile.


So what’s the difference between emotion and will in this instance?


In this instance, it is a matter of acting, in order to execute the action, rather than building some additional motives, justifying yourself to your own fluid morals, or entangling parts of your being which are unnecessary into the operation.

A lot of magic is about learning to “let go, and flow”. By which I mean, removing filters until it acts naturally, then adding them as needed.

As an example, you do not have to have a good reason to want to be wealthy. You don’t to want to have money in order to afford a new house, enough food, a Lamborghini, et cetera. You want more money, because you want more money. You don’t want to kill your enemies because they’ve wronged you, or because they’re a danger, you want them dead because you want them dead.

That’s the difference between involving emotion, and will.


My experience is that once I forget about a goal is when it happens. So if I lust for a result, always desiring it, is when it’s still out of reach. The trick I’ve found that works for me is pumping so much desire into the ritual that afterwards I don’t care about it anymore and just go on my way with life


Think of it this way: everything is interconnected like a web. Although you may not see, understand or personally experience a change because of a “ plucking on a thread” - everything is connected.

Now you desire something and you do a ritual or petition or whatever your case may be. You have now changed the course of energies and created an outcome that has room to manifest. Each time you think about it or doubt it or check in you are putting energy into the OLD consciousness BEFORE your desired outcome was birthed. Basically you’re fucking yourself. Consciousness is key here. You can’t open something up and go backwards and expect that change to occur. Does this make sense? It’s simple but complicated to explain.


What 's the best way to “let go” the lust for results


You have to be able to look at the desire objectively and remove your feelings from it. It’s not as hard as many think.

Usually people have a hard time removing feelings from a lust, revenge or money spell because they get consumed by their want. But the truth is, that WANT isn’t a need. If it were, there are other methods to obtain it and the obsession wouldn’t be present like it tends to be.

So you want something. You’ve identified that. Now objectively understand that you do not NEED this and focus on other things. Put all your feelings into the ritual and then close it off. Imagine boxing it up and storing it deep away.

The OP mentioned thinking that having strong feelings for a spell might make it manifest quicker. This lines up with the law of attraction, however it’s a very different thing. The law of attraction is most successful by focusing on things you are greatful for and that uplift you. So these would be things you’ve experienced and had and can recreate that feeling again. If you WANT something badly, chances are you haven’t HAD it yet so it’s difficult to create that feeling and attract that thing to you.

Think of it this way: most of us have won $5 on something. We know what that feels like and are able to recreate it. But how many of us have won 1 million? Unless we have, it’s hard to recreate those feelings from scratch and bring it to us.

Hope this helps -X