Confused about Khamael angel of mars for sex

Has anyone come across information about the archangel and other spirits of mars and their relationship with sex. I mean Khamael burner of god, says he helps with karma and the other ones do not seem to have anything to do with sex. Yet mars is supposed to be more lust based then Venus any thoughts?

While Kamael will still help with lust (if you ask nicely), you may want to seek out Anael/Haniel, who specializes in sex and love.


Mars represents assertiveness and action more than lust.

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Khamael warrior who represents divine justice. grants invisiblity, power and invincibility. Responsibility and self confidence.

Seraphim- fiery serpents The
SerJphim should be coiled upon for spiritual protection from negative
influences or entities, Jnd for overcoming passions or negative emotions

Graphiel - Graphiel is very good for winning conflicts, to the extent of bringing
those in conflict to you from wherever they are.


So perhaps venus is better for lust and sex then mars?

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I would say so, yeah.

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Well, I can see how an angel named Anal would help with sex…

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