Conflicting information regarding Raphael

Hey everyone,
I am interested in doing an evocation for Raphael, or at least sending him a petition spell, to ask for healing for my friend. However, when going through the forums to try and get a better idea of what I could include, I have seen some conflicting information. I’ve seen some people say to use a red candle, others have said blue or green, I’ve seen white as well. I’ve also seen people say Topaz is his gem, while others say it’s Emerald…etc, etc. Maybe all of this would work, maybe he has a wide range of things associated with him, but I’m wondering if someone could shoot straight with me and give me an idea of what I might have the best luck with.
The things I have consistently seen are that his direction is East and to utilize calm music.

Thanks for your time and assistance!

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I can understand your confusion, I myself am planning a summoning for him an week on sunday, I am still keeping an eye on any new other usefull info. Though if you like, I can share some info I have aquired, :slight_smile:

Yeah of course, any info is better than none. At least if a majority of people seem to be of a similar opinion then I can go in that direction lol

Incantations And Questions

You can call Raphael simply by repeating, “Raphael, come!”

For Astral senses
Mesh ka rel luhn sim ba ta rel luhn tin sughel

For Materializing an Angel
Ah zit ka rel, luhn taash ah rel, meh goh rat sua (Name of Angel)

To conjure an angel
Here, and now, let the worlds part and the heavens tear and The Light Descend. Bring forth,
(Name of spirit ex. Raphael).

Alakandal rogor mettu namah semine lastusah
Ergo mansine ehqua lunte sanso he alakandal rex lux in nomine dei nostri et filito (Name of Angel)

Incantation for Banishing
Ashta Malku dozef lata
esh pon ron te suro maka
Izzef mun to so rem ba te ka
Lux onf inido

11 is a master number and commonly associated with angels

Sunday = The Sun

You can use his hymn and magical incantations above,there are 2 channeled sigils from himself.
Send him a hug and regards! :slightly_smiling_face:

We called Uriel twice, once to ask him for something, he delivered in exchange of some simple requests,
and we called him again to thank him.

We only used his sigil!


That’s awesome, thank you very much for this!

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May I ask, which sigil of his did you use? I have also seen that he seems to have several different sigils lol


I;ve been told that’s the most recent one, :slight_smile:


Thats absolutely true. That’s actually true for all the archangels. Some say green, some say yellow, some say blue…same with stones and all the other things.
But guess what, it really doesn’t matter.
I personally associate Raphael with aventurine and aquamarine, but also amethyst.

His energy feels smooth and calm, his light is like a moonlit night to me. Darker than you might expect.

Those are his seal and sigil:


In my experience he does not come with a big “Hello I’m here”, but you will notice.


Thank you for all of the information! It will definitely help when I’m ready to call upon him!

My pleasure, I hope this works well for both of us when we make our attempt, :slight_smile:

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Hmm, i didn’t expect the answer to actually be that it doesn’t really matter! I guess it comes down to how we feel he associates himself to us? Like for you, with the smooth, calmness of aventurine and aquamarine

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All those things, music, stones, candles etc., even sigils are only triggers. Tools, you could say. But the most important tool is your mind. It is basically all you really need.


Ive had very good results with Raphael channeling energy to the heart chakra and 3rd eye while chanting his name, then pushing the energy out through my hands towards the disired person who is in need. Its simple and direct, no sigil, nothing but allowing your energy and his to mingle and heal (have used this on others to success with pains, not sure of how serious the issue is with your friend but it could help) also his energy is subtle but noticeable as above. To help with the heart chakra imagine a green flame that grows each time you say his name :slight_smile:


Thank you for this! The issue with my friend is mental as opposed to physical; do you think that will affect things in any way?

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My main reason for trying to contact Arch Rapheal is that I suffer from voices in the head and I have heard he is good at curing mental disorders. I guess I will find out in about an week if he will help remove my illness, :slight_smile:


Wow well I really hope he listens to you and helps you! Please let me know how it goes, and I will let you know how things work out on my end too!

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My best advice is when you find conflicting information about any spirit is to do your own research then trust your own intution

In the end you will develop your own unique relationship with them anyway

Good luck!


Thank you, I appreciate that. And it’s a nice thought to think that he would accept me and the way I come to see him no matter what!

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He will! It’s my personal belief that the way we see spirits and our interactions with them are largely symbolic to point you down the path that is right for you

I also find things like offerings become more personal as you go along and that’s how it should be