Conflicting Imperatives - An introduction

So…this directive to reply to a thread with an introduction, seems to be at odds with the one stating I should introduce myself in a separate post.

In the interests of professional courtesy, I shall do both.
In the interests of hedonistic adaptation, I will lazily cut and paste this reply to the other post :wink:

And thus, you are given one window into my nature.

I am Vashra Araeshkigal, new here, not terribly new otherwise.

If anyone happens to recognize it, yes…I am the Araeshkigal who was once affiliated with Michelle Belenger and House Kheperu. We are no longer affiliated, though the parting was amicable enough at the time.

I used to jokingly state that I’ve “been” more religions than many people have studied. But this is a forum for magic and energy work, and not for prattling on about pointless orthodoxy. I claim no single formal system, though I was led from behind into the Alexandrian tradition many years ago, and held 2nd degree. I would argue that standing means precious little now, as it is not my way. I prefer working with the duality of Dominance and submission to the duality of Masculine and Feminine, as I’ve never been able to pin down a single attribute, emotion, or trait that is 100% unique to either of the latter two forces.

It should follow from the above statements that I am quite gender fluid, believing that “gender” as such is largely a complicated game of pretend we all agreed to play somewhere along way for some reason we all forgot. It is entirely impossible to misgender me, and unless you are wearing my collar, I’ve no right to tell you what words you should use to speak with me, so pick whatever pronoun(s) resonate with you when my energies reach you. I might be amused, but I won’t be offended. At any given moment, you’re probably quite correct. Not that I see how it really matters if you are neither my doctor nor my lover, but I am biologically female, which can influence or interfere with certain forms of sex magic, so I’ll throw it out there for anyone who feels a need for the information.

My energetic work at this stage of my life primarily involves slithering around in the Dreamstorm, rather along the lines of the Australian natives, or the seers of Papua New Guinea. I’ll work with just about any entity whose interests align with mine for the duration of our joint endeavors, but that does, I suppose, create the hazard that allies may become enemies on the turn of a single ambition. If alignments were a thing, I would say I am quite Lawful … the rest is also rather fluid, but I see contracts and agreements as wholly binding and sacrosanct. If you have my word, you have my word.
I am not a fully trained відьма, but through my mother’s bloodline, I know how to show someone where the crayfish winters, and I know how to dance the milonga while holding a dagger. It is clear or it is not.

I have middling experience with the Enochian Calls, leading more to frustration than edification.
I quite enjoy most of the Goetics…and Sitri, Biffrons, Marchosias and I are particular friends.
I can play with the pantheon of the Asatru, and I’ve had quite a bit of fun with Anpu and Sekhet. All of me is all over the map. It stands to reason with a “surname” of Araeshkigal, that I have heavy ties to at least one dank Mesopotamian river valley :wink: . I resonate most strongly with the Seraphim when it comes to choirs, as we tend to sing in the same keys. I have a very specific affinity for the Naga, and work rather well with most of those beings which come off as “ophidian” or “serpentine.” I have many years of practice with both Incubi and Succubi, more the former than the latter, given my biological sex and a slight heterosexual preference.

I know the difference between a Sigil and a Glyph (though this varies with tradition as there’s no standardization anywhere in the Craft), though I’m far more likely to build them in Song than out of metal or wax.

I live near the gun nut capital of gun nut central, Red State Dystopia, Bible Belt…and as such I rather keep myself to myself. My overt identity out in my world conforms to my external environment, and keeps my lifemate’s family properly misinformed for the sake of my safety.

I am. I do. Yet I can definitively admit it’s not always enough.

If you have a question, ask it.
If I have a request, make it.
If you have a taco…fork it over already, I’m starving!



Welcome to the forum @Vashra :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad you have jumped into the rabbit hole. You’re going down, but the oubliette isn’t the only way out.

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