Conflicting Divination

So, what are you supposed to do when divination devices (runes, tarot cards, charms, shufflemancy, etc) present you with different opinions on a situation?

Recently I’ve just been largely detoxing from how much I utilize and value the opinions I get from them, but it’s really starting to perplex me. How do you handle it when you get various seemingly opposed perspectives/advice from Tarot cards and such? What is “true”?

I don’t just mean when predicting the future, because that makes sense why it’d come up various different ways. But when getting more understanding on the past or present, why is there so many conflicting options? And this just gets worse if you listen to Pick A Card readings (yes I can predict these are not particularly popular on this forum but I find them entertaining).

Also, while I’m here: do you believe that people who read Tarot for others can be objectively wrong in their interpretations of the cards? I’d say yes, but I’m also inclined to say that they understand their deck best and the way it communicates.

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I’ve been reading tarot for years and there is no real answer to your question on how to be objectively right. There is only looking for the path of least resistance


Things like cartomancy, etc, especially pick a cards (i use them too) are extremely predictory and at the moment. Those readings pick up on the situation/energies at that particular moment, which can shift on you in the blink of an eye, especially if you change your course of action.

That’s not to say divination is useless but that has been my experience thus far, that it tends to read that query for what it is at that particular time. That’s the reason I find behind varying divinations. As for what you do, act in accordance with what aligns with your intentions.


Questions around situations be it choices, future, outcomes, etc will get different possibilities of said situation. Part of why I don’t do those kind of readings because it’ll give you every angle it can go. I like spiritual questions because those kind tend to be a bit more one way lol.


You all are lovely and I greatly appreciate the responses, but all of them seem to fundamentally disregard my question lol. Yes, I know future results and to an extent “present” results (the present practically does not exist) are always changing and only show possibilies, but what about the very recent past and far past changing? I can’t find any reason to explain that, or how to really reconcile it.

But yeah, it’s definitely true that using divination for vague questions is better. Or else you start looking too hard and your vision goes blurry.

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Different forms of divination work with different energetic paradigms. For example, Tarot vs. cartomancy: the Tarot is looking at a past event and sees that a person in question is feeling conflicted and guilty, affecting his/ her actions, there is potential to break through to them and change the course of events if you are not reactive and allow some space for gaining clarity.
The playing cards look at the same event, see that the person was hostile and told you to f* off, you took offense and reacted, slashed their tires, harsh feelings ensue with no resolution, que downward spiral with no change in course.


Yes, plenty of divinators suck at it.

In general your first pull is your most reliable if any of them are going to be reliable at all.

Any other pulls by any other means should be treated as supplementary.

If something flagrantly contradicts, either your divinations ain’t working or else the outcome of your query is genuinely indeterminate ime.


I have shared my experience in another post. People around me often tell me that my tarot readings are very correct. However I never manage to do them for myself. I never got clear answers for myself. Or maybe I don’t want to see and accept them in the way they appear… idk…

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I’m not sure if I’m just being purposefully obtuse or not, but what exactly do you mean with the cartomancy thing? I can understand the Tarot one, but the cartomancy example is uh… a lot.

Mm… yeah, I can see what you mean. I tend to “require” a lot of back up for my interpretations of events, regardless of how much evidence I have that it’s true. Which is incredibly stupid, I know.

I guess when you look for something to prove you wrong you find it. And to an extent your expectations sway the results. Thanks for the input.

I can’t seem to read for myself worth a damn, but I assume it’s because I’m “too close” to the situations I’m in. If you’d ever like someone to give you a pull and try and interpret it I’d be glad to try, if that ever helps you.

I’m not sure what you mean by “a lot”, it’s a real example of how two different forms of divination work within different paradigms. Tarot focuses more on the energetic levels and possibilities for change energetically and emotionally. Cartomancy focuses more on experiential reality and gives straightforward information about events. There is crossover, of course, but the focus is different in each form of divination.

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It’s more-so that it seemed like your examples were conflicting so I couldn’t really understand the point you were trying to make, but now I see I think. Cartomancy is very literal to the experienced events, is what I think you were saying?

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That’s correct

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Why I never do 2 readings for the same question. I learnt this very early on when I started with Geomancy, the first chart tends to be THE answer, so don’t doubt it and just trust your first reading.

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Divination gives you insight on your past, current, and future situations. You have the power to make changes with the information that is provided to you. Some information might be “conflicting” but it is up to “you” to attempt to understand what the cards are telling you. A few years ago, I was told all these wonderful things about my future, and then I had a “conflicting” divination about having legal issues. If I could go back to 3 years ago, I wish I didn’t brush off the “conflicting” divinations that we’re given to me. I could have been more wiser about my personal choices and avoided certain situations. What is true? I don’t know. You make your future. The cards are talking to you. “Listen” to what they are telling you. Some stuff might sound weird but don’t brush it off. Build on the information given to you.

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On why readings about things that have already happened can be contradictory - After the first reading the intent to know may be reduced, or emotions can prevent the reading from coming out accurately. Sometimes after you cast the first reading you know the results, but you don’t like thrm so you cast again, but perhaps deep down you already “know” the first reading was the correct one, making this one insincere or clouded by emotion. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than one reading, it’s important to trust your skill and intuition, casting multiple charts reaffirms doubt in your own skill and can lower your skill as a diviner because of it. But if you clear your mind and have sincere intent, I think you will find that the readings give the same answer. At least that is how it has been in my experience, but casting the reading again because you don’t like the answer tends to give very conflicting answers.