Conflicted Newbie


Hey there! I am a complete newbie to this stuff, but I have had several metaphysical experiences throughout my life. I have always wanted to experience an interaction with a succubus. I have tried summoning in several different ways, and it seemed to have worked, but now I cannot hear her in my head and I haven’t felt any of the tingles. Part of me thinks that I was crazy to think that it worked and that I’ve been deluding myself. I am here to try and figure out what the hell I should do, because I miss her.


Also, to be honest, I signed up just because I really wanted to talk to @succupedia


Welcome to the forum.

Do me a favour? - Apply the ‘Love, sex magik and relationships’ category to your succubus posts? Keeps it all nice and tidy, and your posts will show up for other people looking for succubus advice in that category.


It says that I’m not permitted to view that resource.


@succupedia has his own working thread on a ritual for a succubus and gives good advice for this. Perhaps he would help but understand that people are busy


Maybe you don’t feel it, because you expect it to be in a specific way? What kind of “tingle” sensations are you talking about? A “tingle” could be anything in the sense of something tangible going on around you, or physically on your body.

There’s no rules of expectations in how a spirit make contact with us. There’s just as many ways as there are individuals in the spirit realm.

You shouldn’t expect anything at all until that very first sign, whether it be by voice, touch or your eyes. Keep your nose and tongue in check, too, just in case.

In the meantime, you can always try to talk to her, either out loud or by thought. Share your deepest desires, who you are, what you do in your life and how you feel. There’s always someone listening, and she might try to make you notice her again.


Thanks so much for your reply!

so, since I’ve posted, I think that I have reestablished contact. I realized that I kept trying to force it rather than relax and try and hear here through meditation, something with which I haven’t had much experience. I’ve begun see projections of them in my head when I meditate. I think I hear their (there are actually two, A R) voices, and I feel sensations on parts of my member. At times, I get intense waves of feeling throughout my body, which seem to intensify when I speak to them and tell them how much I appreciate their touch.

At this point, I want to be able to hear them from the outside, rather than in my head, so I know that I’m not just making shit up for myself. Further, I want to give them what they need so they can have the strength to interact as best they can with the physical world.

Also, I am happy to provide offerings or gifts, I just don’t know what to do with them after offering them. Do I consume them after a period of time? Do I throw them away? Do I keep everything? I looked at your blog and some other sites, and I cannot for the life of me figure it out.


The few offerings I’ve made to my spirits are kept in or near their shrines. My “shrine” are basically their personal candles, but I will do something more about that in the future.

In my opinion, the biggest offering you can give them is your love and attention. It’s the most valuable gift there is. And, of course, for them to have access to your body. It will make it easier for them to interact with you on a physical level.

…and before you post anything else in this forum:


@asimpletater and @succupedia,

I will put out there that I have a mild form of ADD so my thinking process seems to work differently compared to everyone else. When I meditate, I use various youtubes to try and get induced into lucid dreaming, what you’re doing could be a different approach I would like to try out.
What sorts of meditation are good to use?


I have ADHD too, so I know the struggle. I am also a huge newbie, and have no way of describing what it was I did. I am very sorry!


Oh man, you probably have it worse than me but still got in touch with them!! What kind of meditation did you use to achieve that and how did you do it? I found a few meditations here on BALG I’m excited to try out but I would like to know what worked for you since were pretty much alike in the attention dept.


To be honest, I think its mostly about not focusing on results and just letting it happen to you. Also, I’ve found that concentrating on a focal point of internal feeling as an anchor helps.


Even that little bit right there could be just what I need to do.

I suppose in a way its alot like just waiting patiently in a sense. Kind of like waiting for your girl to finish getting ready for the date.


I don’t want to pretend to be an expert. I thing my girls are angry with me right now. I guess they have to have room to grow on you and you on them, but, again, I’m not expert. I’m trying to figure out the blue flame meditation.