Conflict Between Spirits

The only thing he has helped me with after getting his tattoo is being more independent, funding jobs easily and making money.
I also have Asmodeus’s sigil on my left arm in red right above Belial’s.
Asmodeus and Belial dont get along, because both work with lust and sex and so they constantly clash in that department.
(Because of our spiritual marriage. Asmodeus and I are in relationship. I accepted after he asked me to be his queen in one of my dreams) and so Asmodeus is highly possessive of me and does not like the fact that Belial is constantly trying to communicate with me. Asmodeus constantly tells me “you are mine and mine alone. You belong to me. You r my queen.”

What do u think about this conflict between Belial and Asmodeus and me?
Belial is like family to me, but I don’t love him the way I do with Asmodeus.

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Hi Kimberly. I moved your post to it’s own topic so as not to derail the other thread, and so you can get answers to your valid questions from our knowledgable members.

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Red flag territory. Exert your self-determination and kick him to the curb if he doesn’t like it.

This does not excuse abuse. If the deities I am spiritually married to pulled this, it’s time to fight. It’s nonsense and, if it were me, that had BETTER be a test of my being willing to sticking up for myself.


That’s not a thing in my experience :thinking: First of all Belial is about freedom and has no interest in controlling others, he respects independence. Belial is a deity not a demon, and Asmoday is a angelic level. Beings i tis state of being don’t have the same pettiness humans do, so you may have have impostors or you are projecting your energy on them, but this situation is really not right at all.

Massive, massive red flag for an impostor that may also be feeding off you, aka a parasite. They do this, they make grandiose nonsense claims that feed your ego, ten upset you so they can eat the negative energy you feel because of the conflicts they create.

You’re not married to anyone get rid of this thing and do it before you get sick and weak from it feeding on you.

The highest form of love is unconditional. Anything else is ego based and is pretty much fake, imo, it will wear off as soon as your coditions for doing it are no longer met. And here, it sounds like an idea you’ve been tricked into.

Banish and cleanse, get your head right and fix your energy and your wards so you’re not a target for parasites in future.

All this is completely 100 percent unacceptable, and it’s way beneath these entities in my opinion.


:point_up::point_up::point_up: this!!!

I’ll add I’ve worked with Belial and Asmodeus congruently for years and they have had no quarrels with each other in my experience either… Actually tend to work a lot together more so in my workings than most other pairs :person_shrugging:.

I feel as though you should question the integrity of whoever is giving you trouble and stand your ground :metal: