Confirmation with my evocation

Im a fairly new magician (about 4 months old) and i usually use DOM book but decided to try the simple sigil way. I contacted sitri for about 5 days now using his drawn sigil and just gazing at it and when it flashes i say the enn, but i still haven’t heard him talk to me or see him in my minds eye, i have been meditating and doing divinations, i can feel cold air but only that, i want a deep communication to confirm if he really did get my wish, can someone talk to him for me if he heard and was it me the whole time? i want to see him in my dreams thanks!

He most likely did hear you and was present. You need to work on your senses


Im working on it thnx, i meditate and focus on third eye

Have you done divination about a confirmation of your working with him already? As in divination sessions wherein you ask the correct AND specific questions so you’d get the confirmation (or non-confirmation, depends on the spirit, really) you’re aiming for. Also, most spirits usually like it when you put in the effort and try talking to them/asking a sign from them yourself instead of letting someone else talk to them for you. Prince Sitri IME is one of those spirits.

Cliche as it is, patience is the key here, OP. You have said so yourself that you’re a new practitioner, and has only contacted him for about five days now. Personally, it took me two years to be able to evoke in general and two weeks of simple rituals (same as yours, sigil meditation + enn chanting) every night before Sitri gave us proper confirmation of his presence. Some recognized and respected practitioners here took even much longer than that. It’s not an instant thing and Sitri, being Sitri, may have already heard you the first time and is merely observing how you’re calling on him as a subtle test.

This is easier said than done, especially with all the success stories around, but do not rush nor force the process. Continue working on your senses and contacting him. You may also want to look into tips/methods here to further solidify your intent/will. Most of all, learn to respect the progress you’re making as a newbie, whether it be big or small.


Much appreciated, for the past 5 days i talk to prince sitri like a friend, i talk about how i appreciate him and how he should talk to me soon and how iv been practicing on feeling him. I practice developing my senses and evoking every night thanks friend