Condensing aura (too big for shields cont.)

Ok so just a little update/rant from my last post on feeling too big for my body:

I took many of your suggestions and worked on trying to condense myself. It worked.
However it has now brought on a new onslaught of sensations.
On one of my meditations I had the sensation of being sucked into my body… but on the inside, instead of feeling restricted as I did before… it felt infinitely huge. Like being inside a huge void of which I completely filled. I felt… infinite. Just to simply say doesn’t seem to do the feeling justice at all.
After maybe a minute I began to lose all sense of where I was or what position I was sitting in. I’ve only felt this once before in my life, though it wasn’t nearly as intense.
It is now easier to be in a room full of people. I am still sensitive to their energies… but able to handle it. When walking through large crowds I focus on condensing myself and I begin to feel my body vibrating and oddly… it’s like my consciousness shifts somewhere to above my head and I begin having split view of my surroundings from where I am both physically, and from the space above my head. I’m not sure what that is about or why it’s happening.

Any insight?

It’s my next thing that I am working on improving. I can handle it for the most part. Although there have been a couple times where my physical vision and body begins to fade while I’m in the middle of doing whatever task I have at hand.

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I apologize for any typos I didn’t have time to proof read.