Concerning Samael

Concerning the arch angel Samael from the new book from Nephilim Press “Gateways through stone and circle”. I have come across something interesting. It seems that one of the other known names this particular entity goes by is “Azazel”. I know almost everyone including me is familiar with Azazel. Does anyone know the significance of this? I am just curious.


I once said that…in this forum…no one answered :wink:

The leader of the fallen angels…azazel…
For me azazel always was samael…
Actually i know him as samael.
But i asked there in that post then who is samael and no one answered…

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I haven’t read that yet so I’m not sure how the author ties everything together. I don’t find it surprising that Samael would be attributed to Azazel.

I’m going to attempt to break this down as I see it, I’ll try not to confuse you anymore than I often confuse myself LOL.

Samael is viewed as both good and evil which makes him a bit of a confusing character. Samael is seen as both an Archangel and Satan in the same paradigm. When seen as an Archangel he is the Angel of Death leaving death and destruction in his wake at the command of God. When seen as evil he is the tempter of Eve and husband to Lilith.

Samael tempted Eve in the garden and gave man forbidden knowledge, in some Jewish lore he is the father of Cain as well. Azazel also gave man forbidden knowledge and seduced the daughters of Eve. They both have very similar qualities in these respects so its not surprising to see them being connected. Also the correlation of Samel being an angel of death and destruction and Azazel teaching man war and weaponry also go hand in hand.

Depending on how you view God or The Source, Satan/Samael is a necessary aspect to not only creation but to the manifestation of the physical world itself. The severe and destructive aspect of God that pulls away from unity with itself and causes separation. Thomas Karlsson explains Samael was one of the sacred names of God Sa’ael, when the force of separation (Satan/Geburah) broke free from the unity of God death (Maveth) came into existence and the aspect of God Sa’ael became Samael.
Azazel certainly seems to correspond to this as well as he seems to support the anti-transmigration of the soul, teaching man not to seek a reunion with God/Source but to make this plane a kingdom of our own and to not only further the seperating but to make ourselves Gods.

Hope that made some kind of sense, that may just be my fucked up logic but it makes sense to me.

I didn’t bother to answer you because someone with such an intimate bond with Lilith as you claim to have should have been able to easily know this by simply asking her…maybe she just didn’t want you to know she’d been seeing someone else.

I didn’t bother to answer you because someone with such an intimate bond with Lilith as you claim to have should have been able to easily know this by simply asking her…maybe she just didn’t want you to know she’d been seeing someone else.[/quote]


Because just like all mythology it’s a hodge podge of contradictory “facts”.

Did “Satan” really tempt Eve in a garden?

Of course not. Eve is not an actual person. The story is, like all true myth, spiritually symbolic, not historical. People like Sitchin are ill-edumacated materialistic idiots.

Is Samael Satan?

You can evoke Samael and Satan and get two different entities. Hell, you can evoke ‘Satan’ and get different entities each time. When you evoke, you will bring forth a symbolic representation of whatever ‘energy’ or ‘power’ it is that you are attempting to bring forth. How in God’s name do you think it’s possible for two people to evoke the ‘same’ spirit at the same time? How can one spirit perfectly possess many people at the same time? How can one spirit accomplish many charges at the same time? Because you are dealing with an impersonal force outside of yourself that is only personified as a spirit and sent into the world in an act of creation by yourself. This is why you can even evoke a cartoon character or an inanimate object.

The world doesn’t fit neatly into some system, whether it be Kabbalah or anything else. These are, themselves, mere creations, true of themselves, and useful as a system with which to create, but not truths about the greater reality that exists apart from the individual human - they are mere shadows of aspects of that infinitude.



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Is it so hard to understand that…
There isn’t much to it all ?
It sounds stupid but many humans throughout history have had different views of the same history, the history that brought us today where we are, as humans. As so far no one really got proof of how it really happened, all wonder…all try to see different meanings in what others already said or some even get their own histories in their own way of seeing things…
The best way indeed to know it all, is if an ancient spirit tells it as they roam the world for far more time then any human. As most historians and critics know that before humans, there was " something " else.
I believe that before humans there were spirits.
I call them spirits but they might just as well be aliens, or entities, or whatever you want to call them. I write this because i am 99% sure that these " Fallen Angels " Are just some of those who were here before us, that were left behind. We cannot see them but they live on earth, same as us. Maybe we were created by someone to aid these spirits…maybe at some point in history we stopped aiding them and therefore making them take different paths, different families so to say, because some supported that we oughta have independency and do whatever we felt like and others thought that our existance should only be for aiding them, to serve them.
I think that names for those " Fallen Angels " have come to change during the history of earth, the same " Angel " was probably called by many names and it changed names itself according to the changes in him. Imagine, i am a powerful being on earth… i am invisible, i can make men do whatever i want…so this month i am called satan, the next month a new idea came to my head, hum… so from now on you humans shall call me samael…and so on.
I say this because as strange as it seems…after i started doubting the spirit with me, giving reason to you all, it started to get away from me…
I did a ritual not many days ago and… the result is that, i am back with it, full strength relationship and…i deeply believe in all of it. I now can see further and understand more then i ever could. Reason why i wont be writing much more here on this forum…because you all mock at my reasonings…well good for you i hope you are all very happy. I certainly know i am.

I’m in a pact with Samael. I find his energy very, very different from Azazel. He is also not an angel, fallen or not. That comes from Lilith and him.

Can I ask whats the connection between him and the Black Cube?

Sameal is at times seen as Lucifer. I’m not sure about Azazel but I have read that Lucifer is at times seen as him also so I guess the ladder is a possibility.

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Samael and Azazel are different entities the vibrational energy shows it.

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