Concerning recent attacks on forum members

Recently I had myself and a few allies of mine get attacked, one said attack took place while I was trying to focus a paper and all of the sudden I felt as if someone was draining energy from me. I switched to a theta state and confirmed this and then charged a sigil of a certain archdemon to attack it. The next time was when I was in a lucid dream trying to gain information from a spirit when a figure walked in on me, I managed to run his ass out but still is very annoying. These aren’t very powerful magicians from what I have seen but can still pose a serious threat to beginning magicians, this forum is meant to be a haven and we will not tolerate such acts. If you are being attacked just comment on this tread because we are about to bring the hammer down on these bastards.

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Oh yeah, you know I’m beginning to wonder, do you think someone is trying to declare war on this forum weve had more then a couple people get attacked. The good news is I don’t think its anything like an illuminati cabal or anything serious like that this time. Also I think the culprit at least one of them is someone on this forum. We have a hunch about who it is but we won’t say anything in the open about the culprits possible identity for obvious reasons.

In my case that worm slipped in somehow, but I do wonder if they tried something more obvious first, if they did they might be having their hands full right now. and even if they didn’tthen it’s on now.

“do you think someone is trying to declare war on this forum weve had more then a couple people get attacked”

Yea there is definitely something going on here

“We have a hunch about who it is but we won’t say anything in the open about the culprits possible identity for obvious reasons.”

Inbox me the names on here or on fb and I’ll make sure to tell timothy or e.a.

I may have been targeted for a draining of energy attack as well… I have nothing more to say, or nothing less, as usual :wink:

Interesting that you mention this (unfortunate that it is happening to you, I’ll mention), but I’ve been wondering since the FWB, I’ve felt distracted and less and less able to think upon the specific subject I was working upon. prior to it, and during it, my thoughts were often whirring upon it… .but once that working ended, I found it difficult to think on that subject (this was a while ago, but since then, and more recently)

  • the last two weeks I’ve had headaches and periods that would arise of tiredness… almost a draining feeling, but when I’d feel for attachments/tendril-links, I’d only feel what felt almost like a focus upon other people Projects and Development/ascent (which I feel a part of my mind drawn to those that visit this forum, more so as this seems an interesting place- awakening). Being someone who has done/felt this type of stuff, its been slight enough if it is an “attack” (or just some sort of vague-drain)- as it didn’t seem to direct to note (although a slower-constant would be more Insidious).
    Anyway- I write “vague-drain” as in my I didn’t see/sense an Entity or overt force- but it could be a blind-spot for me.

So even if what may affect others isn’t affecting me, but might be affecting more beginners of our group- that is trouble-some and annoying. -any further details about how to attune to this and I’ll try and ‘tag’ it myself, and perhaps conjoin with Others so acting on it.
(although I think I might only be exper drain from having conjoined effort, and thus my subcon perhaps still assisting- I don’t know, as I write the above I wonder, and it brought up questions I’ve had). *espec the “under-the-radar” teachings, both in dreaming, soul-travel, as well as just in “OpeningUp” -which don’t seem to have been discussed in this forum; which I realize have become more a part of my int’l-reactions and diminish some of my exposure to such…

so how to assist those members in this issue, as well as any specific targets (I could see a Magician, such that EA has mentioned might be against his ‘movement’ and they could send a roving affect to seek for those open-enough to be latched-onto, but new enough to be a “sleepwalker”… and then once a hook is caught- some could craft such an Influence just to see what might happen (as some threads on this forum even touched on).

In short, I 'm not sure if I have felt or not, but perhaps- I look to see if many of the newer would reply to this- either way, of what is felt (as the more affected by something like this, wouldn't really know what this would feel like; so if "I'm not sure what it would feel like, I don't think I have..." through up a post- and a quick scan can see [also an oppor for those brandnew and in active development, but may or may not have been posting, to chime in-queue])  luck all

What is interesting is none of these seem to be direct attacks. all of them have been vampiric in some way. I think this may be an important clue as to the nature of this situation. Does anyone have any theories as to what this means?

also if anyone I havent already talked to has any feelings on a possible culprit pm me about it

Maybe Sunas is pretending to be weak but is in fact all powerful and owns an army of psychic worm entities!

As goofy as that sounds I did breifly consider that possibility this morning, but don’t worry it’s not him or anything aorund him.

As stupid as it may sound attacking a magick forum would make sense. Magicians tend to do a lot more work on their energetic body than most which would provide a stronger source of energy. If they have a way to collect energy from a vampyric servitor that would help keep them off the radar, not completely but it would explain why it’s harder to pinpoint the source.

I have yet to be attacked, but I do have someone spying on me. Or…trying to at least, they’re not doing a very good job at it.

Twice now entities have alerted me to their presence by mentioning that someone unwelcome has entered the ritual space. Three more times this past week Ive felt their presence and attention fixated on me, and when I spot them, they more or less run away manically like a 4 year old playing hide and seek.

When I first started posting here, I was aware of a few of you checking in on me and Im more than fine with that, but this is getting ridiculous. I dont know what they hope to gain that I wouldnt share willingly, and Im getting tired of the energy in my house being fucked with.

Two ideas spring to mind at this point:

1: I dont know if having all the information on this forum completely open to the public is necessarily safe.

2: I think Ill research into setting up astral traps. :slight_smile:


Forum attacks are common. I’ve known this to happen many times in my own forum, especially in the Practical Psychic Self-Defense and areas relating to neg abuse and possession. These tend to contaminate the other forums, for obvious reasons. I will soon be shifting those areas off my main forum, into a separate forum, to isolate them. I will then add some protection and experiment.

Demons can easily follow through the internet to attack people. You could say they are cyberactive. I have no idea how they do this. EA might know.

One solution is to post banishments on the forum itself, and magical formula, sigils, etc. These can be in a tongue other than English.

You could also video a banishment, and protective ritual, and post it here in the forum. This would have a result specific to the problem.

You could make use of advertizing space here, header, footer, etc, to post magical wards, etc., and put a banishment post and or vid atop every forum thread as a sticky.

Theoretically, this should help, although EA would be the best judge of this.

be well, robert

Robert Bruce, this seems like it could be in your area of expertise. If you could give a bit of input it would be appreciated.

In my case it appeared my astral body had a parasitic worm attach to it, after being discovered I removed it and an entity I’m allied with took out the other one.

I’m no slouch in defense so I’ve been kind of trying to figure out how it got in, tonight when scrying I asked about this. My most obvious line of defense is I have a bunch of entities that I am allied with that keep the riffraff out of here, from what I understand this got in by somehow concealing itself from them. It’s unlikely this will happen the same way twice as their on the lookout for this sort of thing now. The second line of defense is I have a radionic shield generator, however this has a sort of backdoor that freindly entities can go in and out of, I’m not entirely sure how this works but thats how we have it set up, it came through here. And lastly I have a special ward that I wear around my wrist to deflect attacks, it seems it managed to adapt to the energy of this of this. Would there be anything you recommend I add onto all this to keep little buggers who slip through the cracks out of here?

I first became aware of attempts to vampirize me on Monday of last week.

The Nago nation are not pleased.

Within the same time-frame that taokua and Poete mentioned I’ve been feeling a lot more tired than usual upon waking up, despite no changes to my alarm/sleeping patterns. This is all I’ve noticed and I’ve brushed it off for now as merely the effects of the cold winter down here since I performed a simple banishing and cleansing of my apartment a few days ago.
For the less advanced, what are some of the other tell-tale signs to look out for?

I’m no expert in this field. But if you’re feeling inexplicably weak and lethargic, and maybe in a doom and gloom, and even angry, mood, you ought to check yourself. Just trance in and check. If your imagination tells you what’s there, it’s probably right, even if you can’t yet see it fully.

Now that many here have watched the Black Sun rise, darkness will cast its shadow upon you… The gates are open. I suggest looking further into that connection. This would make some sense as to things slipping through normal defence systems, for the fact you opened yourself to such energies.

I didnt perform that meditation for such reason.

So it is not my case.

My first line of defense is the protection clause in my pact with Azazel. My physical and spiritual safety are turned over to him. Obviously I’m not dead, or sick, or experiencing life altering attacks. Though I figure there are some minor entities allowed in to challenge me and make me aware of attacks. After the attacks on me at the beginning of May I opened the third pentacle of Saturn. It actually felt heavy like lead as I held the parchment in my hand. I watched as the circle grew to encompass me, and the arms of the pentacle swung in all directions swatting away anything that tried to attack me. For the most part this has stopped all of the bullshit that was going on. However, I noticed someones egregore attempting to put me in sleep paralysis a couple weeks ago. I am certain that this attack came from a forum member.

I like Robert Bruce’s idea of having wards set up in the header and footer or a video or picture at the head of each thread. I have no idea how to do this from a computer standpoint though I nominate the 3rd Pentacle of Saturn as a possible ward.

Well, the one who sent these astral parasites is soon going to pay. We know who you are. You will be writhing in pain.

Hehe yeah since he gave me worms so I think I’ll give him some fun animals in exchange. But since I’m so generous I’ll be giving back something much bigger then a worm in return.