Concerning Pacts

I just got done having a conversation with Belial just to ask him a couple of questions but after my questions were answered he had something to say.

This was a simple sigil opening then calling His consciousness to be present and speak to me through telepathy.

This instance was strange being that he seemed very calm with his manner of speaking.
He usually speaks with ferocity and a sense of greatness.
Anyone who’s worked with him knows what I’m talking about.

But anyway,
Our pact was scheduled to end on Sept 9th.But there is so much he’s taught me that I haven’t even begun to master.Some through trial and error and some through just plain out procrastination on my part.And he called me out on it.

Here is the gnosis I received from Belial.He was referring to our pact but it seems to me that it could be the guidelines to pacts in general.

“There is one more thing.Our pact has come to an end. But it will always remain on the edge of eternity.Forever we are one.Do not consider that price of paper our pact.Our pact will never end.You have much work to do for you did not discipline yourself to my teaching.Call me when you are serious and ready to begin.The road of a God is not a simple one.Remember that.”

So after being told this I felt pretty humbled.I called for something that maybe I’m not ready for.This put some things into perspective for me.After my recent successes I took a break from majick and spirituality in general.

There is no rest for the wicked.
This thing of majick requires much discipline and work.
You can read all the books you want but until you start doing the work you’ve achieved nothing.

This was a personal calling to me to start taking this more seriously.Majick and esoteric knowledge will become a much bigger part of my life now.
This isn’t for everybody.Some people use majick to enhance their lives and with that alone they are happy.

I on the other hand want to jump head first and balls deep into these mysteries.
I’ve been going through a lot in my personal life lately and have put my ascent on the back burner.But Belial’s words awoke something within me.

I still have much to face in my own life but I will be taking more time to dedicate to my power.

Sorry for the ramble.I just hope at least one of you got as much out of this as I did.