Computers, Bethesda and Linus tech tips

I don’t know different ways people from Abrahamic religion of there down fall, pc components excellence of Godlike like our ascension, January 2018 i purchase a MSI geforce GTX 1080Ti Direct X 12, because great stories so i purchase 1, and i never actually used it still in its box GPU still in plastic, thinking i get another one studdenly companies stop making them, what a coincidence, now RTX 2080Ti, Quadro RTX 6000 are out, UE4 probably switch to, i be further behind the 8 ball, everyone else a head of me, i check UE4 forum nothing yet, only thing CPU advancement gone from 4 core to 16 core CPU, people running into issues by the time i purchase a 2950x CPU in February they be stopping the manufacturing motherboards, because of DDR5 Rams, oh great that sucks another inconvenience someone spying me on their pc, so really i should dump my MSI geforce GTX 1080Ti video card for a Quadro RTX 6000, so i think i should try materialize more advanced Pc components, oh im going to render Minas Tirith on blender create it as a asset, also Rivendale and the mines of moria as well i discussion of Minas Tirith on Linus tech tips criticism straight away from man of god of slavery, i already condemned Bethesda game studios over the pitiful Skyrim a game that keeps on crashes full of bugs glitches and Skyrim gets a reward, well i can tell you all King Belial say Bethesda gave themselves that reward, i could do a better job then Bethesda, because a game with problems getting a reward with all those problems is a lie so Bethesda can trick people in to buying Skyrim special edition, so King Belial put me a God of game development, Linus tech tips You tube shows 2990WX DDR4 3466 benchmarks performed very well, and i get told by All needs computers DDR4 3466 is unstable.