Completely New to the LHP

Hello folks:
I had posted my intro a while back and have posted a few questions here and there. I truly am a noob when it comes to things of the “Left Hand Path” variety. For the last few months though I’ve been studying LHP books like there’s no tomorrow and experimenting and learning. Anyone have some suggestions on good books regarding LHP philosophy, beliefs, etc? I guess I’m looking for a way to remake my entire belief system. As I stated before, I come from a Wiccan background. Before that I was a Pentecostal Christian. So the ideas of demons and Satan are VERY intriguing for me. I’m not looking for things that harm people or cast curses on folks, etc. Honestly, that never appealed to me. I’m more interested in transforming myself and bringing out the god-like powers that I know we strive for on this path. Once I get to where I need to be, hopefully I can help others along the way.


What LHP books have you read?

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I’ve been studying and using Asenath Mason’s Draconian Ritual book and her Qlippoth book as well. Also, I’ve been reading EA’s books.

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Might Is Right , or The Survival of the Fittes Ragnar Redbeard

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Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen E. Flowers

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Thanks! I was wondering about that one. I just looked it up on Amazon. They have it on Kindle. Hooray!

I also recommend you look into Michael W Fords videos and literature. He has an interesting perspective on a left hand path.

I started with and still use the Draconian Ritual Book as well

Wow pentecostal? Yes indeed a rewriting of your belief platform will be needed
Unfortunately that platform was had my fathers side of the family entrenched(guess who’s the black sheep) lol
You have a good source of books available thru this site as well as a ton of life experiences here to tap into:)
Welcome!! Happy enrichment!!