Complete Works of EA question

Quick question… I have the 2018 edition direct from the site

Is the The Spider & The Green Butterfly: Vodoun Crossroads of Power in that massive book the updated “EA re-edited and reissue” version or do I need to buy the stand alone when I get to that point in the book?



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I believe it is the re-issued version, as the original Complete Works didn’t include it at all.

Thank You Kindly @DarkestKnight

I was hoping that was likely… As I rather save up and get the Nine Gatekeepers
or pick up some of the other Grimores I want :slight_smile:

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I have a suggestion in relation to the complete works of E.A. Koetting. On the Amazon store, make a bundle of all of the kindle versions complete works so it is easier to see all of the available ones. It also makes them easier to buy all of them at once. On Amazon it only takes a single click to buy kindle books.