Communion of Darkness on a Full Moon Night?

Hey Friends,

some time ago, I planed to do the Communion of Darkness (my first evocation Ritual) this Tuesday night. Just now I was outside and looked to the moon, it’s almost full moon. And tomorrow there going to be full moon. Yes, I can darken the whole room, but is it a good idea to do this ritual on this day?

The point of the ritual is to scry into the darkness around you after you blow out the black candle, so having light (even moonlight) in the room would defeat the purpose. If you’re talking astrologically, a full moon generally seems to empower my rituals, so unless you get an intuitive feeling to hold off, I’d go ahead and do it. Just throw up some blackout curtains or blankets over your windows and you’ll be good to go. :+1:

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I can darken the whole room.
I have no such feeling to hold off, it’s more like a… Wow, it’s a nice “coincidence” :wink:


Hey Guys, I’d like to give a little feedback. I did the ritual this evening. After I blew the candle out, for first couple of seconds I didn’t see or feel anything. After some minutes in the darkness, I felt a touch on my right hand, between my index finger and my thumb. Then I felt a light shiver over my whole body and felt a light cold wind on my left hand. Then I heard some light noise, like an electric motor was running. I did the ritual in my house. And I never heard this sound before.

Then I finished the ritual. And after I was finished, I heard some noises. Like someone was scratching on metal.

And now I noticed, that I’m in a kind of a funny state. Like I was smoking weed. I talk very much and I’m funny. All worries are gone and my head is clear.

PS: Before and After the Communion of Darkness Ritual I did the LBPR

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