How do you guys communicate with your spirits?
I did the chant the previous owner of the ring of a djinn I bought and idk if he can hear me talking to him or what I should do…

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Heyho :slight_smile: according to my experience spiritual communication can be tricky but it is very likely that the Spirit hears when you are focussed and chant and all. I would suggest meditation for the opening of the sejlnses before doing The chanting. Also avoiding screens and electrical Devices helps (at least it helps me) and eating well yet not to much so that you are in a relaxed Städte, have energy and are Ready. But it can take time to hear properly :slight_smile:


Can I ask you how long it took you to hear the spirits properly

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Sure Thing. It differs from Spirit to Spirit. For eurynomus it only took one ritual for example while others are yet hard to hear (King Paymon for example or Lord Abbadon)