Communication with Thalos

So recently I decided to work with Thalos from KoF using the method of channeling and writing the information down without analyzing or filtering as EA describes in Mastering Evocation.

I know I have some personal weaknesses, limiting behaviors and attitudes relating to events in my childhood but instead of pushing them aside like I have done for a long time I have been trying to allow them to come up into my conscious mind to deal with them and ultimately let them go and transcend them. This hasn’t been easy or pleasant but necessary for the next stage of my ascent.

My question was in regard to Astral Projection and why I have a hard time leaving my body.

His reply was this;

“You show no interest. Things need to be clarified. Understand the output has the rapid disintegration of apathy. Come around to a better place of reference. Annihilate your disposition”.

“Can’t be bothered. Reap nothing. Crap. Holy shit”.


“Blow away these absurd notions. Apathy is anti-existence!”

So, err…a little embarrassing, but you know, if I don’t admit it, I can’t fix it. And funnily enough, looking back through my formative years I can recall the exact moments in time when these limiting beliefs and apathetic attitudes were formed. Hindsight’s a bitch!

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"Blow away these absurd notions. [B]Apathy is anti-existence![/b]"

Man that hit home. When we condition ourselves not to feel we’re missing out on so much, the ironic thing is that we do it to protect ourselves but end up only making the problem worse because we get to the point where we alienate ourselves without realizing.

Thanks for sharing that.

Also that’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed or anything of that nature. It takes more courage and strength to look this shot in the eye than it does to pretend its not there.

You know what, TWF, each of the main words that are written in those sentences, ie, “apathy, notions, disposition, clarified, output, reference”… when looked up in the dictionary for their thorough and multiple meanings meant so much more to my situation than I had initially expected.

Thalos hit the nail on the head for me personally in a few short passages and to think I was going to write this short session off as a failed attempt because I kind of lost the T/G sync after the response to my first question.

You are welcome and I appreciate your kind words and elaboration on the irony of doing it for self protection only to cause us greater harm in the long run. With some momentum, I am starting to turn this old ship around. :wink: