Communication with spirits

For me, it depends on the importance receiving theyre messages.

I dont spezialise in clearvoyance or spirit comunication.

For now i specialze in my near ending spiritual 666 project, mystical and devotional worship comunion and mixing it together with Selfdeification-empowerment goals to the demonic divinty of Satanas Lucifer Amaymon and its countless spirits.

It is when i am in deep medative state between sleep and somewhat aware and in control when i start to receiving more often symbolic comunication than audiotory with the spirits and different inteligences who resides within me and outside of me.

When its audiotory its really weird. Sometimes just creepy screams and mumblings or stuff i dont understand. Othertimes waterclear english words(natively i speak german) but i use english language in my rites. And otthertimes just utter i call demonic language or just alien or again normal by receiving or posession or other different manifestations of these beings.

Maybe i am in the begining stages of advancing my comunication adding up to audiotory. Well see…

It depends on the depth (time & applied work) with a spirit. For spirits I have worked with for months, I hear sentences. For spirits that I have worked with on occasion, synchronicity and the reception of feelings impressions.
Edit: Sometimes they will “jump” and use my voice. That’s always interesting