Communication through incense?

I wonder if anyone tried using a yes/no kind of “air ouija” while contacting spirits?

Lets say we put 2 incense sticks apart, because they tend to give a fair vertical line of smoke if undisturbed, and ask the spirit to respond disturbing the left smoke for yes or the right one for no, you get the idea.

I will give it a try.


Considering that there are always air currents in any room that will influence how the incense flows (no incense stick will produce a completely steady line of smoke except maybe in a vacuum) there’s no way you would get accurate communication.

Yes, I thought about that. Even our own respiration moves the surroundig air, subtely. But perhaps, if the spirit really wants to communicate, could provoke a significative disturbance on the smoke, enough to discard air movement.

Or perhaps we could make a combo with other divination forms, like a pendulum?

Just rambling…

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How everything went?
I started doing this just to see what would happen.
I would ask to make the smoke come to me, it came to me twice but it doesn’t all the time.
Meditation with Dragon Bloods or Franckensene for the Kings, and sandalwood for Dukes. I have done it during the planetary hour of the Sun, with King Belial. But I still get words of wisdom from the King.