Communication Sign with Demon

I made a pact with Duke Sallos just now. I burned a novela candle with his Sigil on it. Offers water, fruits. I was talking while looking into the candle flame. I ask him if he’s willing to build a relationship with me, and that he can gives me signs. The flame from the candle started popping it really loud. Could this be him communicating? Please let me know how you guys communicate with demon. Any tip and advice would be greatly appreciate


I think it could be

As you can see… i have tattooed a sigil of Lilith. My “Hello and Introductions” post was basically a call for help since i was experiencing things that dropped my skepticism (and even of those around me)

As a man, i was told i should have never inked a gateway to Lilith on my flesh.

i started to pay attention after all the things i’ve already mentioned started to happen.Then i tried to cover and offered a statue NOT FOR MY WORSHIPPING but for women which She helps.

I never felt so atracted yet so f***ed up. my dark cover-up tattoo has recently started to fade and i can see her eyes appearing again, freaks me out sometimes. But i truly respect and even thought i’m forever bound to Her, i had Her mercy even thought sometimes it ain’t easy to face Her mockery so and then,… sometimes it can be deadly.

On the other hand, i have also tattooed a Sigil that not only meant the last vision i saw before coming back from a 28 day coma, after describing what i’ve seen, someone who advised me about unfortunate things because of my misunderstanding with The Almighty Queen, he told me what i said was basically the Tiamat/Leviathan register in ancient Sumeria, well, then i thought, i tattooed this Leviathan sigil on the belief i was once saved by, and probably am protected by, althought unsure, I would not recommend inking a Demon Sigil, except if you’re skeptical of those things and like challenges like i did. Just beware of the one you choose, from what i have experienced its an eternal bind.

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