Communication confusion


This is not about spirits or entities but am not sure who or whom was trying to ask me to join them?? I’m so confused due to timeline reset and other problems I’ve had recently. I’m referencing my Journal entry for today as I need clarity. Sometimes it just isn’t there! I need to do a lot of cleansing but keep procrastinating. I am feeling after the past two days or so that I really need to step that up and get everything on par as far as physically possible, which is limited in many ways due to circumstances. Being jobless is one giant thing that is impeding many things too.

Anyways, I just need to vent or ask advice today so here it is. I’m not wanting to do my own tarot read atm so am open to it, not sure I can trade as I’m just learning this myself. (well, my learning curve gets disrupted a lot due to circumstances too) I have had tarot decks for many years but stopped using them when some cards were lost from the decks. Now I only have one deck and regular cards also on learning mode with them. Runes also.(just got them) My learning list is growing which is good.
Have to mention, I know the safety in numbers thing is important and a real need for this has now arisen or re affirmed my lack of, hence my questions/comments here… such as they are.

Thanks, if any feels like responding it would be appreciated a lot.

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Well I was going to recommend tarot cards. I know what you mean by confusion and sussing out your own intuition, it takes practice. Sometimes you get things so clearly, and other times you’re just confused about whether it’s something you’re projecting… At least with tarot cards they’re always right, and it doesn’t matter how much your feelings are swirling about, in and out of focus, cause you’ve got the right cards right there in front of you.

My only fear is that the cards might be reacting to my own confusion. But then if really necessary you just get a read from someone else, but I’m not sure if that projecting onto the cards result is an actual problem that can happen.

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First of all thank you for commenting.

Emotions may or may not influence my interpretation of events or other things, perhaps. They (the cards) do aid clarity and sorting out the mental chatter or dialog with myself it seems. The subconscious remembers it all but making sense of it all isn’t all there when I’m awake and trying to function as a person. When I was young things seemed clearer but where they really? Who can say.
True, having something to focus on helps in many ways. I’ve been focusing on work and learning to improve my skills for this. Art being said work. It may be a long shot but this is definitely connected to the communications I received lately. My success in the world of art depends on my connections as well as whom I speak with about such things. Not only my own skill and self PR.

Thank you for the input @Encore19

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