Communication: Comments / help appreciated

Hey there lovely spirits.
Ok. So beging with I am eternally greatful for the presence of King Paimon although I have not been sensitive enough much to hear/sense I know that he has heard and read my petition (which getting blood using a pin isn’t easy the stuff doesn’t wanna flow but it has a few specks), bec I had an immediate response. I know that I have my human ways that i forget to remember all the things that i have to be greatful for. And im pretty sure He us nit cross at me for it.
But i would live to hear see sense more clearly then i have been. At least so i know if im doing something right or not.

I am keeping contact with Belial frequenly like an addiction. But i also known that I must make contact with Azazel. I have been keeping his sigil in my handbag but i still seek Belial.

Belial Belial i have heard that he can trick you but i find myself attached to his presence in that i long for him to be around. Is this anything to related to my being female? I asked and presented for Him to possess as i have not felt his partial for a about a week (which during the full moon i usually bloat n wanna sleep!),
Last night i made it clear to Belial that i would lov to experience his possession for a time and i windered if my body was strong enough and si i asked. All i felt was very very tired so lay down in my temple floor (a spare room) until i was less sleepy. Then i had a prolonged vivid dream: I was living with someone on and off i felt like he was teasing a little i felt he was there and yet not there like a relationship that wants to get off but one side is holding back. I felt that i was defensive of past trauma possibilities (psyco exes), but then realised there was no reason to. Then he showed himself as just a man but not a man and i said “Belial” kinda exasperated but not annoyed or anything unpleasant. So unusual i don’t think he rejected but i feel he was showing that i am blocking

I understand Azazel works to cut Swords blocks like this. As i asked with pendulum about it just before full moon. Perhaps i need to ask Azazel himself.

Also i have made up a communion with the these spirit
I have a (i use a copper mug) cup of water candle & incense late night
I call the darkness i say that i am the darkness and the darkness us in me i feel the air darken and thicken. (The darkness is qi its eather)
Then i chsnt sigil enn’s fir each one individually i hold the cup up using bits from vk Jehannum
“Insfusco Ignis Satanis” 3x
"Lylusay Tateros volt sids Lucifer"3x
“Then the enn chants and i say " come enjoy this water infuse this water and i also infuse this water” i put my finger in my mouth for a drop of my salivar i offer it and stir my finger in the water. I hold it up in both hands “join with me infuse and i will consume and we shall partake of each other” i take a small sip.
The water does not taste lik water in a copper mug. It tastes thick and velvety. And i think all beings enjoy it. I have no idea what promted but after a couple of months its lik a ritual. I think all beings enjoy it too.
Thought others may like to try it


Copper seems to have a lot of metaphysical/magickal significance, including some we’ve lost in recent centuries. Sounds like it went well. :smiley: