Communication, better with Tarrot or with spirit box?

I want to know,

Since personally I’m into tech, if it be easier to talk to any being through spirit boxes or is tarrot still better?

I’m curious as the efficiency of both.

What works best for you, OP. Since you’ve already mentioned being into tech and perhaps probably finding it easier using spirit boxes, then do so. Me on the other hand, I have never received any coherent communication from spirit boxes the way I usually do with tarot or even mere shufflemancy. So it’s simply a matter of personal preferences here, really.

But if you’re still not sure, why not try using both and observe which one is more suitable/efficient for you and your workings?


Oh yh, thanks.

Will do

Why settle for that when you can do a full evocation and speak face to face?

If you go that route you need to download audacity, get some good headphones and buy a digital recorder to record your sessions and listen to them in audacity. Most of the time you won’t pick up what they’re saying because they’re usually speaking too fast or it’s not loud enough. So you’ll need to slow this down and be able to clean up the audio.



Legit no being wants to talk to me or something.

Idk what it is, but.

Regardless if I look at goetia, sigils.
Put up loud noise and praise Apollo.

Or just ask Angel Michael days for protection.

I seem to get no response.

Really loosing hope on magick tbh.
Maybe I’m just too materialistic unfortunately.
It’s like, I want to believe I really do.

But if I’m not getting anything back.
I feel like I’m chanting for nothing

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Maybe you need a different approach. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective. Perhaps you should give up on what you’re doing and approach it as someone whose entertaining fantasy. It takes a bit of imagination and creativity to open yourself up to this stuff.


Right, I’ll try to be more uh…


Just call on Lucifer and ask for guidance. He is a great teacher. He will direct you in where you need to go.