Communicating with water spirit or Mermaid

I don’t know if this is the right session for this.

Quick question how do I communicate with water spirit or mermaid? Anyone her done that? How do I go about it? Do I have to go to the river bank or I can there is a way to do it from my home or altar?


I would be better from a body of water but a cup of the stuff will do just fine, water spirits are all session in my experience so you dont have to worry about that

What about if I am trying to talk to a specific one or leader of a legion or something and I know her name.

Also have to do it before? How did you go about it?

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Well it would be like talking to any other elemental or spirit, just without a sigil, doing it the same way you would a demonic evocation but changed a little for that spirit

Now that’s confusing, I am kind of new to magic … help a brother break it down pls

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Evoke Nichsa, the Elemental King of Water, and ask him to set up a meeting. Those under him, called Undines, usually manifest as merfolk so it is well within his power to do so.


First start working with the element of water. what are it’s qualities, then look into connecting with that energy. As you progress and since you want a mermaid I would look to the ocean and it’s cycles. Also maybe look into there mythology and blend in with your elemental water magick.


Ok thanks…

Ok thanks a lot too