Communicating with unknown spirits

Several years ago I and my former partner took a walk through the forest and my partner, who was sensitive to the spirit world, noticed an unusual presence in a certain shed in the forest. My partner stated that the presence is very unusual and I proposed we capture it for our own use since that was something we did several times before (the spirits captured were very real, I myself am completely insensitive to the spirits and even I received mental visions from them when they tried to communicate, very intrusive ones at that).

A few nights later I went to capture it and once I brought it home, I was told that the spirit in question did not manifest itself in this world and that we decided to find a special place for it. Once the creature manifested more or less, I presented several mineral stones to it and after few minutes I assumed it picked a large blue mineral as its new “home”. Whenever I hold that mineral in my hands I can feel power resonating from it and when I keep it near myself when I go to sleep I experience very vivid dreams.

Since I am insensitive to the spirits like I’ve mentioned my partner did most of the communication. I’ve learned the following about the creature. It has no recollection of who or what it is, I prefers colour blue and, for some reason, likes birds and uses them as his avatar. It has no concept of genders, emotions or mankind in general though it tries to emulate emotions. It enjoys being taken on long walks in the area with spirit activity and cleanses it. Among other things it follows me and solely me by its free volition and seems to despise anyone and anything else close to me. For example, when I was mad at my partner at one time, he completely blocked her spiritual sensitivity refused to unblock it until I requested it. That was not the only impulsive thing he did however, among other things he plunged head on into a necromantic ritual and had to be pulled out. He was great help in retrieving lost souls but so far I hadn’t had the chance to utilise them. One last thing I remember was appearing as a shadow person to a friend as my partner (faceless, blue shaded and holding a staff from what I remember) after he promised to reward me for taking him to an area he cleansed.

Ever since I broke up with my partner I have had no luck contacting the entity on my own other than having him other than having him giving me vivid dreams whenever I try to communicate with him, radiating energy when I hold his stone in my hand and so on. I’m having difficulty getting into theta-gamma sync. Did anyone communicate with entities similar to this? Is there any particular way these entities can be reached? Any advice or insight helps since I have only recently gotten back into the occult. Thank you!