Communicating with deceased relatives


My father passed away in May suddenly. Recently, I am starting to have dreams about him but nothing personal, just kind of random stuff. Also my Uncle is showing up in the dreams. Has anyone tried communicating with passed relatives? Is it weird to do it? Not sure how I feel about it, but would like to have closure with some of my relatives, including Dad since I was not there when they passed. What is the most effective way of communicating?


Ancestral work comes out of a few traditions, it’s normal in shamanism to be able to talk to your ancestors. I would simply meditate, visit a place in your mind where you were both happy together, and call him from there. You should be able to have a conversation.


Just be careful. The dead can be a lot to handle for some, and almost as a rule those closest to us who have passed will be the most difficult (painful) to work with.

I dont want to enforce on you too much of my own beliefs, but once something crosses that veil they are not the same. If not just for the pain of seeing him again (which will be immense and raw), he might also not be as you imagine. Some people when they pass do not handle things well, and can become twisted in all sorts of horrible ways.

Since I have developed these practices luckily no one close in my family has passed, but the most difficult experience I have had was when my first love (an ex girlfriend) hung herself. I do work as a psychopomp, and I approached her to make sure she passed correctly.

It was terrible. She was not who she was while alive. She wanted her family and all around her to feel her pain too. Had I not had experience and been prepared I could have been in serious danger as she attacked me.

Now, its not a definite thing at all that it will turn out badly, but you also sound like you dont have experience with this. I just want to suggest you to err on the side of caution, and be aware of how it could potentially go wrong. The dead are dangerous things to be around, and not many can handle it.

Although seeing them in dreams in a non-dangerous manner makes me think it might be ok.

Im sorry for your loss. Give me a little bit and ill pm you so this doesnt get too off topic

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Thank you, I deleted my post.

I had a ritual with Sorath. Ive never worked with spirits of the dead. What follows happened as I was driving
For some reason, a deceased uncle of mine showed up. It made me tear up. My uncle was murdered before I was born. He couldn’t believe that somebody could actually hear him. He seemed happy, and asked about my mother. I had to emphasize that I was my mother’s son, and was an adult. He seemed to have a version of events that was “stuck” around his death. I let him know my mother, his sister, had a great job, was married, and had a nice home. I felt his emotions, and it made me cry. It felt like he had been holding a breath in all these years.


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Thanks everyone for these replies. It gives me some comfort and pause at the same time. I always felt/thought that the dead would see things differently on their side. I think a lot of people believe once you die you instantly gain all this knowledge. The more stories I hear of people interacting with the dead, that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

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