Common Experiences Among Magicians

I’ve observed that there tend to be some experiences and phenomena that are common to all of us as we progress, regardless of specific methods used, beliefs, or whether we identify as RHP, LHP or find those definitions meaningless.

This is the list of the things I’ve heard and read other people mention most frequently, including having been on here almost 2 years now and read a fair chunk of posts dating back to when the forum opened, and I checked in with some magickal friends we know in offline life (most of whom don’t define themselves as black magicians) and my sweetie as well - I’ve probably left things out, so please post up anything you’ve heard a lot from other magicians:

1. Time Bending

Results beginning to occur before the working itself (evocation, spell, energy work) - this seems to be an almost universal experience, it’s well known to happen in healing work and within the core shamanism paradigm, which has aims and methods completely different to most demonic evocation and black magick, and it seems to escalate as the experience and basic power of the magician grows;

2. Watchful Eye

Seeing a single eye, of some kind - as a vision, or when we close our own eyes - I had this appear first in a vision before I’d got into LHP philosophy, later it changed form somewhat from that, and it’s something quite a few people have mentioned on here;

3. Black Being

A black figure being present when we wake up, or at other times - this seems more common to people on this forum, especially who did the WoD darkness exercise;

4. Reality Changes

Spirits talking to you, or answers coming to you, from random sources such as other people - and other phenomena that make it appear as though the more you mess with the fundamental nature of reality, the more the world moves “inside your head” and ceases to be a real external thing.

It’s as though everything becomes more about you, as though you’re what Iam Incide described as an “alpha-dreamer,” creating reality more than experiencing it as an external concrete thing;

(Edit to add October 2017 - that feeling when your image becomes a memetic superstar… lol!!)

5. Other Magicians As Dream Oracles

Dreams where other magicians (this is especially common on here) appear in your sleep and tell you something useful, that you couldn’t consciously have known, and which the magician in question (in their real life) isn’t personally responsible for.

This has happened to me with Euoi, E.A., and a couple of other people, and one member here dreamed I gave him some Biblical verses which were useful and accurate, way beyond my personal knowledge of the Bible, and also that book’s not something I have a personal spiritual connection to;

6. Other Magicians As Channels For Spirits

Spirits coming to us kind of “through” other magicians - again this happened to me with Euoi (hope you don’t mind the namecheck) with La Santisima Muerte, she actually showed me a kind of flash of Euoi’s old avatar when she appeared out the blue to tell me something, it’s happened with Ahriman and Azi Dahaka and several spirits via E.A.'s videos, especially, and something like it also happened with my partner - a spirit came through him, to me - and he wasn’t intending for this to happen, or even thinking about it or aware of it;

7. Grouped Spirits

Spirits kind of coming in groups, often with a planetary or elemental link - a common grouping on here is Belial, the archangel Raphael, and other spirits associated with Mercury for example, often contacting one will draw the others and they’ll become the group you work most (and best) with, at least for a longish period (and without ruling out others);

8. Astral Decor

When travelling in non-physical realms, spirits often appear in environments that have chequered floors (not necessarily black and white) and columns, like a classical Greek temple look, regardless of the cultural associations of that spirit, and often very large doors, which appear (if they were in a physical location) maybe 30 or 40 feet tall;

Detail from “Harmonia” by Virginia Frances Sterrett

9. Stuff From Other Paradigms Intruding

Stuff you’ve got no reason to feel is linked to you, such as spirits that are known by ethnic groups where you probably don’t have any genetic link or origins, or areas of magick you have no current interest in - often appearing in dreams that feel more significant than normal dreams, occasionally appearing as a vision or during some other work.

I’ve seen Golden Dawn-style imagery of black and white columns in a dream that had a significant message, even though I’ve never been associated with their stuff or even interested, and various other things that had no readily-explainable connection to me, my family, or my preferences, and this has been posted about by a few people here as well, and I’ve heard the same thing from other people I know offline;

10. Materialising & Dematerialising

Both in my old white-light days and on magick forums where people perform black magick, I’ve read accounts of two things that will commonly appear, or disappear - small metal objects (coins, keys, jewellery) and living insects.

I’ve had this myself, many times, heard it from others online and off, including white-light oriented people who’d never perform magick for personal gain and have dedicated themselves to healing. The film Poltergiest shows a large manifestation of small metal objects, and that film seemed pretty well-researched, and the association of insects with demons is also pretty common.

The insects will often vanish right in front of your very eyes, especially spiders, this has happened to me, my mum, people on healing forums, and I think there was a post here about it - the metal objects usually move location or vanish, and very rarely appear inexplicably, when they’re not being observed;

11. Relatives Having Dreams

Blood relations and sometimes close friends having dreams with a mystical or weird atmosphere when you embrark on magick, or shift paradigms in a major way, and they’re not aware you’re interested at all.

This happened with one of my parents when I began studying core shamanism, but I hadn’t discussed it with them or even hinted, and I’ve heard the same kind of thing from other healers, I believe it appeared in a post in here as well.

That’s my list so far - anyone got anything to add, or has experienced these?

I’m most curious about this and I hope this thread is useful to anyone experiencing these things for the first time.


1 - “Information Slinging” - Me getting information directly from spirits who then back that information up by “slinging” the proper reference material to me, some of which confirms information I had no idea COULD be confirmed, or massively expands things that the spirits sketched out for me. This is SUCH a basic, ubiquitous part of my experience that it I just expect it, but lately it’s really sped up to where it’s basically half the instruction - I get theoretical info from the spirits and then “somehow” seem to auto-magically wind up with a pile of REALLY obscure books that usually cost 10x what I paid for them and are jam-packed full of techniques that fit exactly with the theoretical material. Some of the material I’ve gotten, I honestly would not have believed you if you told me it’d been openly published. The spirits told me this stuff was POSSIBLE and why, but it would have never occurred to me to look for a straight-forward how-to in book form. I just assumed it was something I’d have to fiddle and fuck with for years before I got anywhere with it, but nope, here’s a pile of books on how to do it.

2 - Mind Painting - My big-M mind/astral vision, whatever, being constantly awake and curiously scanning the area around me and occasionally painting in things it picks up on that interest it. I’m constantly seeing things through other things, especially for example when people have flashy jewelry under their clothes. My Mind literally paints what it sees right over the physical vision, which can make things a little tricky.

3 - Knowing Every God Damn Thing - There are so many ways this undermines my habitual living patterns. For example, I almost always know where shit is, sometimes the instant I wonder where it is. This kills the entire ritual of “I wonder where I left that thing,” which can sometimes be a little annoying. At first, I would deliberately look in a few wrong places first. You also have to know about really upsetting things you don’t like to know about at times when you can’t do anything about it and have to keep functioning like a normal person.

Nos 1-4 were a lot more common when I was first starting out, but don’t happen much anymore. The only thing on your list that was totally odd to me was the astral decor thing - I’ve never seen columns or checkerboard patterns or any of that and wasn’t aware that anybody did. I’ve never seen any Masonic or Golden Dawn imagery in the astral, but I’ve always avoided those systems like a horrible plague since their techniques never work for me and their claims and teachings never seem to check against research or experience, so I’m probably not plugged in to their current.


I was seeing chequered flooring in non-physical realms before I knew it was Masonic, which is really weird, but this was before I had home internet and it kind of blew my mind when I found out! I actually searched it up because it was so common in spirit-ville, and that was when I discovered it - it’s possible I’d seen it on TV but I definitely wasn’t consciously aware of it.

Sometimes the chequering is blue and silver, or gold and silver, etc, rarely have I seen stark black and white.

I knew about the B&W columns before that dream and had even seen people’s temples, but the GD’s just not for me, so that is peculiar.

Oh and without going into unnecessary detail, these forces and stuff have never persuaded or encouraged me to get involved with GD or Masonry (actually, more towards the opposite), so I’m pretty sure they’re not “their” spirits/currents etc trying to rope in converts.

I find myself wondering whether they exist as a thing apart - like the eye, which got incorporated into Masonic imagery, but exists in a lot of religious imagery as well - and that’s why those groups use them, to align with the power. This guy thinks along those lines:

I’m not certain, I just keep watching…


I always see checkered floors in astral temples, although the current one I have been visiting is all wood and the floors alternate from dark wood to light wood, with columns, and extremely tall metal doors with carvings on them.

I also have the ability to filter knowledge. Like when typing something and I want it to sound intelligent and professional I try not to use the same large words over and over. All of a sudden a new word will come to mind and I’m like that sounds like it may be the meaning of the word I am looking for, I will look it up and sure enough it is another version of the original word I had in mind and I’m like how did I know that? I’ve never heard that other word in my entire life. Also random knowledge comes to mind, especially when reading a question from other magicians I want to respond because the information that comes to mind feels right but I think, well I don’t know if this info is true because I honestly don’t know anything about that area of magick and don’t want to mislead someone but one of the spirits will say it is true but if you don’t believe me look it up. I look it up and sure enough it was right. So I am fed information on new subjects all the time that I have never researched but the information feels true, like I have actually studied it and it’s always verified to be accurate.

That happens to me like every other day, not just on occasion. It’s where most of my knowledge came from. I can go in depth on many subjects that I have never studied or read a book on in my entire life, yet I know everything there is to know about that subject because the information was already there in my mind somehow. I have also experienced time bending as well as seeming to be able to stop, speed up or slow down actual linear time when need be. I have experienced the lost keys thing many times and I knew it was not a human brain glitch thing because I always leave them in the same spot so I never have to hunt them down when needed.

I have also seen weird metal objects appear on a table, examined them and thought what is this strange but oddly beautiful metal coin? It resembled like a pirate’s coin or something. I figured I’d ask my partner at the time if he found it or bought it somewhere and he had no clue what I was talking about and when I went to go get it and show him it was gone. The first few times this happened I had no clue how the object got there but figured maybe a friend or repair man stole it before I could show him but the last few times it happened there were no potential thieves around, it was just me and one other person that would not lie about something so silly so the object was literally coming to physical touchable feelable manifestation and then disappearing.

Recently my mom had a dream and she does not share her dreams as she places no importance on them but she felt she had to share this one with me for some reason so she says let me tell you about the strange dream I had last night. Okay, very unusual for her to speak of a dream but I’ll humor her for whatever reason. The things she spoke of from her dream pertained to symbols and messages for me, things that related to the work I had been doing and questions I had recently asked the spirits. So the info came thru in her dream that time and I was the only one in the house that she told her dream to. After she told me, she didn’t think it was important anymore and went back to feeling that dreams were stupid again.

As for the all black being standing next to the bed, yes I have been awoken in the middle of the night on several occasions and having damn near had a heard attack, barely awake and seeing this thing standing next to me. I knew it was something occult related and not a robber because a robber wouldn’t get very far in our house. All the floors creak so unless you know exactly where to step like I do, they would get caught and wake everyone up before they even made it down the hall so when I saw this thing my first thought was what the hell kind of entity or spirit was that and why was it watching me sleep?

Magicians as dream oracles. I have had a few members here contact me and tell me they saw me in their dreams. I was not there on purpose, I feel no need to invade someone’s dreams or spy but they told me I was there and every time I am with a little boy about 7-8 years old with brown hair and blue or green eyes and something strange always happens, lots of symbols around us painted in blood or carved on the walls. I don’t have a son and all the younger boys in my family they were all cursed with bright ugly strawberry red hair so it wasn’t one of them. Not sure what the message was because I was told they would attempt to approach me in the dream and speak to me but I would say something like “who are you to approach me?” and that person would be flung back several feet as if by some invisible force or they would not be able to come any closer to me like there was an invisible glass wall blocking them.

The spirit group thing has happened twice now with sun based gods and also demons who are associated with mercury. I am even being lead to believe from my recent most experience that the angel Raphael wants to speak with me and I have no clue why. I have never worked with angels and after what everyone told me about them I have no need to as I only to work with spirits that will embrace my selfish human desires, not angels that say that doesn’t matter because they don’t have the same desires and all that matters is education and self discovery with some occasional healing help. So not sure, but definitely a lot of mercury based entities I am either lead to or they contact me in some way. Strange, when I got finished typing this last paragraph just now the stove pipe started rattling and thumping and I heard some dried up soot fall down into the stove which produces fire and mercury is known to be a giant ball of fire. Hmmm… The stove is not currently burning or cooling down, it hasn’t been cold enough here to start using the stove yet this year.


Napoleon Hill wrote about that, he called it Infinite Intelligence and made it plain that we have access to information that significantly exceeds our existing level of knowledge, and even perhaps our everyday intellectual abilities.

I’ve found this to be true, and like you, have had flashes about stuff I don’t know (as in, haven’t received information about in the past) but when I look them up, they turn out to be correct.

He also wrote about something that may, somewhat, explain why people on this forum crop up in each other’s dreams:

The concept of the Master mind is integral to all of Hill’s writings, but it is also the one that most skeptics have difficulties with. At its core, Hill described the Master mind as the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

That in itself is not very controversial, but the Master mind principle goes beyond mere interaction and cooperation. It describes a para-psychological phenomenon of spiritual forces which Hill often described by saying that “no two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

By creating such a “third mind” the minds within the group become something more than the sum of their parts and greater things can be achieved.

I believe he was hinting as heavily as he could, given the era in which he lived, that something profound is formed when people share their ideas and work together in mutual goodwill (or at least, absence of ill-will) towards a common goal.

This is one of the reasons why I think forums matter, and why I try as far as possible to be constructive and helpful towards other forums, and am opposed to petty competitiveness. JMO that last bit, and I stayed away from anything connected to magick, healing & the occult online for years, but I really feel I’ve made more progress since joining here and I’m reasonably certain that’s the cause - the collective drive of everyone involved has become a part of my life, and I, part of it.

Now I sound like the fucking Borg or something… !

When I first read Hill, I read him as a motivational author and self-help guide, someone who could help me get my head straight to think and act like successful people do (and he delivered that in bushels) but the more I read these days, the more I see a significant occult underpinning to his work, more along the lines of theogenesis than evocation of external beings, and it just makes me love his work all the more.


I think one of the most amazing, and thought provoking experiences many magicians encounter is the phenomenon of receiving information within a ritual that you never had access to in the past. I have had information placed into my mind that was genuine spiritual guidance as I have had it verified later on. This knowledge must have come from either, an extension of my subconscious or a separate entity as there have been no previous connections in my mind concerning this knowledge so it definitely makes for sincere spiritual encounter, and not some subconscious eruption triggered off by unorthodox prompting (for want of a better explanation).

But how could you possibly explain this? other than spiritual contact and it’s something that many magicians will have experienced here I’m sure…try explaining this to an outsider though who has no belief in the black arts…good luck with that one haha?


Weird experiences never cease on my end. Like earlier after replying to Jboy’s thread on Yahweh two Jehovah’s witnesses rang the door bell. I knew who they were before I answered it because I could see two ladies out the window with bibles open and ready to go! But I like messing with those people so I answered it and said we don’t want it. One lady said, ma’am we’re not selling anything we came to spread the word of god for free! I said yeah I know, and we don’t want it, the owner of this house is a pastor so he is already well educated in the department of god and me well, I’m an evil devil worshipper so I’m already way past saving at this point but thanks anyway. Then I shut the door in their faces.


I can definitely attest to the bug and spider one. Ever since I was 16 and just getting into this stuff, even before I began practicing, my room and wherever I stayed always attracted bugs and spiders. When I was still with my parents not even exterminators could rid of the bugs and spiders. Now that I am in my own apartment in just under a month a spider has moved in and I will frequently find small bugs, extremely small, crawling on me or my bed and I flick them off or a small bug flying around then disappearing. This does not happen in my friend’s room, in the main room of the apartment, or in my friends’ apartments. Wherever I stay/live since i’ve begun working with magick i’ve also noticed a quicker growth of decay compared to everything else outside of my room, bar none. Whether I was staying in Germany, Australia, or another country, whever I stay these things happen FAST and it’s just odd.


Coming back to this, since it also baffled me - I am now as certain as can be that these specifics are NOT the property or creation of those systems, that they simply observed them themselves, and used (took over/stole) the symbolism as their own kind of trademarks.

I highly recommend anyone interested seek out the originals of these things, and question them (everything in the spirit world can speak, including floors and other “objects”) - they seem somewhat of the same category as Dorr, acting as high-level archetypes for certain things.

Make sure to seek out YOUR versions of these, and don’t just go looking for “chequered floor” as you may get drawn to the wrong thing - and more than that, I don’t wish to commit to print. :slight_smile:


Watchful eye. If an actual “illuminati” eye existed, it would be this. I was visited by the single eye in vision. I thought I was one of the few, but cool to know others have also experienced it. I told a relative about it, and they dismissed it as if I said “oh there’s a new commercial on TV”. They dismissed it like it was worthless information. So I never mentioned it ever again.

I suppose the Singular Eye marked a time where I began to research the Occult. Not because of the eye, but because of other things happening at the time. If the eye has shown itself to you, you are worth watching, and they want you to know you’re worth watching.


I am now as certain as can be that these specifics are NOT the property or creation of those systems, that they simply observed them themselves, and used (took over/stole) the symbolism as their own kind of trademarks.[/quote]


hey guys sorry to res an old thread but this was linked to me, I noticed the thing about black beings and have a question- do you guys get them as “shadow people” or something else? I’ve seen similar though sometimes its shadow people and sometimes shadow people-sized eggs.

Was just wondering if that was a common occurrence.


I have seen shadow people, yes.


I have experienced pretty much everything that was originally listed… minor variations to such here n there but I think most will have different perspectives on similar occurrences…

The shadow things are weird… some I have seen that look like they have a humanoid shape to them, some look like lil slithering things or even bug like and then there is the rather large masses of what appears to be a somewhat collective of human astral feces IMO (saw that a lot at work and no wonder, it was not a good place)

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Astral feces? Sounds like Christianity to me. Looks like God is too busy taking a shit on everyone!

lol that is what I term it… or more correctly psychic, emotional feces… kind of like how a residue of someone who died in a traumatic way is left behind, yet these people are still alive, though there was the latter as well. It’s icky :confused:

Oh so actual people are taking a dump on you… Are you at War with some people? So then they decided to fling poop as their secret weapon?

As much as I love referring to most humans as poop flinging monkeys no I was not referring to a war… like I said… it’s more like a psychic residue… though I have had things thrown my way as well out right attacked. Hope that clears it up :wink:

Astral poop flinging monkeys…sounds like a good spirit to place in a church or a school although now i wonder if astral beings need to poop.


Yes but not in the way you think. Think of it like a sort of purification process of cleaning ones self? But I still find poop flinging monkeys a funny idea.

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