Common Experiences Among Magicians

Oh ok then! Thanks for the reassurance! :grin:

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About a month ago, during a meditation in a dark room, while listening to binaural beats, this appeared in front of my face as a glowing outline. Shortly after, I opened Pinterest and was greeted by artwork of eyes. It is legit.

Was a lot more prevalent 20-30 years ago. I’ve certainly seen the hat man while paralyzed. I’ve learned how to avoid this experience nowadays, though.

About a year ago, as I was first reading in depth about this subject, my then-significant other dreamed that I was being seduced by a demon, who was offering immortality at the cost of my… something? Will to act? Within a month she had become a full-throated Christian who was convinced that demons are real and actively seeking to destroy YHWH’s creation.

I had told her nothing of this realm of study.

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Bumping for newer members who may be experiencing these things. :+1:


:scream: thanks for bumping this! I experienced most of these and never thought its a common thing!

Id like to add something:
Communicating with other versions of yourself from the past, the future, or sideways in time. It is so strange seeing yourself a few years into the future and talking with them. Its so strange knowing I act as my own gaurdian to my child self in some ways.

I once had a strong vision of 7 other versions of me in present time, all doing something slightly different, and I knew I had to sync them all up. What fun.

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This whole thread is wild! I experienced many of these even before I got into magick. The time bending was always the freakiest to me, especially when it came at random

There is not a single Dutch word here.

I get this too! And in my bedroom (only place I can do anything magick related).

Who is “they”. I had this some time ago.