Commentary On Islamic Expansion, Migration & Politics

Here’s an example of local Sharia law at work:

Done by using the law and handling it according to the letter, but it’s still Sharia. You don’t criticize Islam. You don’t criticize the perv in chief.

AT the end of that article they go right to “And then a White guy stabbed people! That makes them bad!!” Another tactic, BTW. Point and deflect. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain.

Here’s more Sharia for you. This is just the guy who got caught.

I could go on but I don’t need to beat it into the ground too much. I do need to go open my books, find a face, and figure out who to defend our country against today.


I will state this once again …

To stop this in its tracks, you must disgrace the religious leaders and politicians.

The only covert way that I can think of is to force them to go against their ideals and laws, and the only way I can think of that is to find their weak points in their natal charts and create influences that work against them. It must also be so strong that it defeats their egregore influence.

Making their young women barren and their young men infertile would be a second approach.

Otherwise, the sharia lawmakers cometh. If they’re not already on your doorstep.


Could someone teach this old man a new trick, how to work against someone’s natal chart?

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Because that worked so well when Hitler tried that approach with the Jews? No I’m not kidding. That was one of his first approaches. That was also done to Blacks in Jacksonville, Florida and my own people. Works in theory (and is pretty horrible, even for me). Thankfully for my existence it’s not a sure fire thing.

Another thing is they marry in. That’s part of the creeping sharia: they take women who are not born Muslim. And they convert young men over for the cause. Unlike with the Jewish faith, you don’t have to be born a Muslim to be considered a good Muslim.

This is why my approach is to target leaders directly - the ones that are a bigger threat. A certain female spokesperson was my very first target. The goal: to make her mentally unstable and to make mistakes. She busted down someone’s door and her arrest picture showed fear in her eye. Haven’t heard much of her since. Hrm. Gotta check up on her, see what else I can do.

The end game for her is to get her red pilled. She doesn’t have to stop being a Muslim, mind you. For her to become one of the Muslims for Reform and to work to change things, eliminate much of the things that actually make the religion of Islam such a problem, is the ideal. Would I would also settle for her going away permanently.


How can you modérateur allow this hates speech ???
I am chocked ,!,

The same reason i can say the prophet muhammad sucked off his camel or burn a koran and not be imprisoned or executed for it, because neither BLAG or the United States of America have hate speech laws.

Here are the rules of this forum.

One of them is an making an introduction…So do so now please here.

P.S. you can be as “schocked” as you like over it that’s your right, just like it’s everyone else’s right not to give a fuck about how you feel about it.



Oh you know, I just KNEW this thread was gonna be found today by certain… disinteresting parties…

May those that would hold back the potential of others suffer a thousand sorrows.
May those with adverse ulterior motives suffer a thousand pains.
May a thousand shields cover those for freedom.

Also. Hate speech isn’t a real thing. Speech can be hateFUL. That’s about it. I gotta go wash my hair. :-p


i have to ask, and i genuinely want to know, what do you see in the post you responded to(from a moderator no less) that is hate speech, or at least what you define as hate speech.

Continuing on the discussion of population growth and decline by ethnicities, check this wikipedia article out (I found this when I was collecting equations to try to learn php by the population growth problem, focusing particularly on muslim growth and decline of others)…

As far as hate speech goes, it depends on how you define hate, hate seems to be annhilation of groups in favor of one, in which Muslims seem to be the growing model.


I dont hate people for being Muslims or any other group, I hate those people who murder others in the name of religion, and those people who try to force people to convert to their religion and push laws and progression backwards 1000+ years.


Hi Hater
I am not talking to you, and not here to debate with immature and racist people

If this the case and like you must know the history of religions


and not just one population or religion

Please keep your attempts to censor criticism of religions and willfully chosen actions performed in the name OF those religions off this thread please, crying “hate speech” when something is criticised is a cynical attempt to impose censorship and silence those who have the right to hold opinions on matters that directly and personally affect them and threaten, also, their personal freedom of belief, conscience, and action.

if you have come here to attempt to cause controversy and cry for censorship, as your actions so far suggest, you are out of luck.

This is a black magick forum and criticising religion and the customs and restrictions it always engenders is what happens on here.


So you admet when the people are talking about HITLER COMING BACK that not under the hate speech

Why dont you take your hate elsewhere?

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What’s makes your stance so transparent, aside from the weakness of your responses, is that you’re refusing to “debate with immature and racist people” in relation to a post states the rules of the thread and bids you welcome.

I recommend you take Trolling 101 before trying that here. I’m not a troll, and I think I could dance rings around you. I can’t imagine if anyone better decided to do so.

To stay on point, however, guys I might add that so far the things done here are typical leftist/Muslim/insert certain factions here tactics when trying to discredit criticisms such as the ones found on this thread. In fact there’s a whole bucket list that I can try to sit down and write out, although someone else may have done it already.

The list really should be more public, though. I’ve seen so many young people fall for it, and it’s sad really how in the dark they are and how int he light they THINK they are.


I don’t have any concept of what you mean here.

Cease calling for censorship of posts that criticise religions and religiously-motivated customs and actions, or your membership will be terminated.


You are welcome to begin a thread criticising any religion you wish.

You may NOT:

  • personally insult members on here who profess that faith

  • post threats or statements of curses, or calling for curses, that identify named individuals

  • insult members any further with claims of “racism” “hate speech” and similar made-up words & concepts used to censor legitimate debate.

This is your first and final warning regarding insults and attempts to import censorship via derailment, abuse, and shaming tactics.

Please make your next post a proper introduction, as you have repeatedly been asked to do.


@Maghnia … If you disagree, why dont you debate your points?

You are incorrect … the first religion was one in which cave dwellers worshipped the bear. Why dont you take a physical anthropology class, a logic class, and a world religions class, and come back and debate then?