“Coming out” as a practitioner of magick

I’ve practiced some shape or form of Magick for 5-6 years.

I don’t pose as an occultist. I don’t feel like being lumped in with others who actually don’t walk the walk.

I do feel it could be beneficial though. It’s extremely difficult for me to feel that it’s 100% a good idea to come out with it that I’m “pagan” “Satanist” “luciferian”

I feel there is part of this whole experience I’m avoiding.

What are your experiences and thoughts with being an openly active practitioner of Magick and paganism


I only open up to a select few just to save my breath, energy and time on the narrow minded dweebs who’ll assume it’s some Peter Pan Syndrome shit or human sacrificing etc.

It’s better for me to keep it shut and only open to those who are with me on it. With the LHP, a lot of people decorate their body as they believe it’s a hedonistic and sensible way to be creative and superficially shape the way they feel or want to be. Or moreso, identify. Many have the goth look. Black eyeliner etc etc

That’s why a lot of them wear black, paint nails black, dye their hair green or blue, wear emblems or amulets with certain meanings and energies. I never really went along with that, I haven’t even tattooed my most valued sigils.

It’s about how comfortable you are, for me I like to run in the background than openly format to others how I see and feel things differently than what they’d be able to understand. Then again, strut what you got with pride.


I totally agree…

It’s also lonely though here.


Not to criticize too much but the way it appears to the rest of the world, is that these people are just not that original or interesting to begin with. Black, “Satanism” and dyed hair give them something to decorate themselves with.


It’s just their fashion style and since they’re like minded and share the same ideologies related to the LHP, they’ll dress similar as it’s the ongoing trend or cult(ure).

I’ve seen hairdressers and the witch vibe they give off is almost dominating. Pentagram, pale skin, exbortiant energy, all black etc. I’ve met so many hairdressers like that over the years. It’s just style and stereotypes and some stereotypes are true or else they wouldn’t of been approved to assume in the first place even though stereotypes aren’t approved notions.

Tbh how it appears to the rest of the world is edgy at times, depending on how you’re carrying yourself.

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Just to be clear

I am a lot like that in this sense, tattoos and black almost everyday.


The point is more about visibility and open affiliation…

I will remain private and reclusive I suppose

Ahh, you just approved the stereotype! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, why turn reclusive when there’s so many damn people out there to meet who are probably wishing they had someone to share their beliefs with too?

If you turn reclusive, you’ll turn drastically lonely because you’re failing to express your inner most precious ideals and thoughts. I said it in another thread. Search for local covens or meetups on Google or Facebook; channel a spirit to help find you a network of people, AdamThoth said he found someone in the city by doing that; approach someone with your beliefs if they feel ‘right’ to pour onto.

There’s nothing better than finding a random and pouring some esoteric/occultic shit all out on the table, no strings attached, old or young, they’re always around… look, and don’t be scarce.

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My magic is one in which my rituals and practice are revealed through individual, personal experience. My magical beliefs are kept hidden in order to preserve their power and significance.

Personal empowerment as well as physical, mental, and emotional strength are central to magic. Everyone has to determine his or her own level of comfort be it public or private.


I wouldn’t like people to know that I practice magic that’s why there’s no alter no books (i only buy kindle version) at my place ! Only my parents and by best friend know and he jokes something if I casted a spell and got what I got ! I don’t want anyone to disregard my hard work thinking I just summon a demon and he gets me what I ask for because we all know it doesn’t work like that! The real challenge will be hiding this when I’ll get in to a relationship and start living with someone !

I lived openly as a reptilian Draco Queen for five years. Now, I am calmed down. I don’t hide anything its just since I am older I just don’t go around talking about my otherness topics to anyone in my real life.

Well im not pagan or anything but i do practice magick and there are only 2 people who know about it: the person who got me into magick and a good friend who i met online who lives in trinidad. You dont have to tell anyone about it if you dont want to but its always nice to have someone to talk to about your rituals and results.

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Not very pleasing but not too shitty. Only very few people can understand the path that I’ve decided to walk on.

If your loved ones are Christians then I advise you to not let them know because they will make your life harder and even pray for your failure.

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