Comfortable Ball And Chain

I’ve been pathworking with Lucifer lately,basically trying my best to illuminate my life so I can destroy the parts that aren’t according to my will. However I have noticed something sheepish about myself. I’ve noticed where my life isn’t the way I would like it to be but I have grion to find this stagnation comfortable, calm, easy and I am wondering if it takes too much effort to change.

Crazy, right? I know laziness is propably the least bit favorite quality in people from Lucifer’s point of view. But then I started thinking: Maybe THIS IS MY WILL. To be comfortable af. I don’t know. Have any of you experienced this: Been wanting to remove your ball and chain just to see outside your cage and start pondering wether the inside of the cage is just more comfortable?

Many times I have pondered this. At present, I am of the belief that it akin to the tempering process of forging— Heat and stress are applied to remove impurities, the metal is allowed to naturally cool to stabilize the structure, then more heat and stress are applied, repeating until the blade is quenched, and the blade is basically done. Of note, is the Buddhist teaching of no-regression (Flower Ornament Scripture), regardless of appearance or signs, we never actually regress, we simply prepare for future progress, and finalization.