Combining LHP and RHP Magick

Now, I’m thinking about working with Angels besides Demons. I would like to open up to them.
I would also like to try to work with Jehovah.

Will Jehovah and his angels cause me harm because I’ve insulted them before? And can angels and demons work together and not attack me? Is it really true that Yahweh hates Lucifer and Lucifer hates Yahweh? I appreciate all advice. Thank you very much.

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I never had problems in working with angels and demons.
Also, in my opinion, working with an angel does not make you a follower of the RHP. Angels are entities with their very own goals, I never experienced them belonging to Jehova/Yahweh.


Aren’t angels under the wing of Yahweh? Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.



These spirits are much older.


In my experience, they aren’t obedient to anyone, they have their own agenda.
But still, some spirits don’t get along that well with each other.but that’s different for everyone.


I’ve always worked the sephirot with the demons and I’ve been succesful.

What’s the though process behind that?

What’s missing from the LHP that you will gain from the RHP?

This is an awesome topic for discussion BTW. Can’t wait to read all the responses.

There’s nothing you gain from RHP that isn’t avaliable in its counter part.
What I can say the difference is, is simply that the LHP is for extremely fast progress (like the in-game cheat codes) whilst RHP is like one stage at a time. From my experience, in the RHP, you can’t move on to the next level if u stuck on lower levels, whilst the LHP offers you that opportunity (risks included)

No they won’t harm you.
No they won’t mess with you.
They just might not be willing to work with you from an immediate contact.

That was my experience with Raphael and Michael anyway.

Lucifer does not hate Yahweh. Yahweh is universal life force. It has nothing to do with an imaginary god… Just for the clarity. Some people just forced it to mean something other than what it actually meant by horrible translations of horrible translations over time.

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