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Soo…ive been wondering… is there i form of dark, banefull, or some other type of magick that can be used in hand to hand combat…like cutting through things or beings with a knife hand strike…harding the skin to not take damage, charging fists with elements, or generate fire/lightning projectiles? I got curios about this after hearing people say that monks can boil water without fire or any other type of heat sorce…only with there own power and minds

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There are so many topics on this that you could look into:

Dim Mak
Reeling Chi
Iron Body techniques

The problem is, that to develop these sorts of forces, you need an impressive amount of internal power. You need to cultivate it with meditations and build up your internal force. A lot of people dont have the patience or want to spend years and years (and years!) cultivating chi to a point where you can do feats like that.

There is a reason mythical figures were able to do such things: They were the perfect/ideal embodiment of control and dedication.

The monks you bring up are most likely practicing daily for hours and hours and live in isolation within the temples. (most) Westerners dont have such luxury. Maybe you could call on some spirits to help you down this path? See what they have to say.

Even if you do develop some sort of power you can externalize at will (and in the heat of a fight, that would be quite the feat!), it probably will not be to the level or flash that you are picturing it to be or that you see in movies.

It is easier and way more efficient to just pack a gun >.> and learn self defense techniques that dont rely on magickal power or the building of internal forces.


No, that is comic book stuff.

Chi can help reduce physical damage (that’s what things like Iron Shirt and Iron Bell qi gong seek to do), and with enough of it, you can cause nervous system disruption on your opponents but the results will vary greatly, depending on their sensitivity to the energy. The level of chi that can hurl one person into a wall, for example, may barely affect another. That’s why there is so much skepticism in the Western martial arts community regarding such things, even when masters can demonstrate the ability, because it doesn’t always work on a randomly selected individual, showing that the master purposely chooses students who are sensitive to the chi in order to “show their power.”

Sure, if you could pore breath the element on the fly in the middle of combat, which would take considerable skill. Not sure what the effect would be on your opponent, since charging yourself with elemental force does not, in any way, give your body the traits of that element. For example, filling yourself with the power of Earth, and pumping it into your fists, would not allow you to hit with the force of a mountain. It would make you sluggish and slow.

This seems to be possible with Yang chi. The author of the book, “The Magus of Java” talks about watching a documentary that showed the master he calls John Chang using his chi to cause a newspaper to catch fire. The author also talks about some upper level students who accidentally killed their opponents when they were mugged because their Yang chi rose out of instinct and shorted out the muggers’ hearts.

As @Ryce said above, this kind of power generation requires years and years of training and dedication. There is no short cut, just like there is no shortcut to magick. The more time you devote to building power, the more power you will have. Like Jason Miller says in his book, Sorcerer’s Secrets, he has seen Ngakpa Kunzang Dorje Rinpoche do such feats with magick that no one would believe them unless they saw them with their own eyes, because he has spent his entire life in continuous practice, with little food or sleep. Few Westerners have either the patience, or the inclination, for such devotion.

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Oddly enough in one video i watch the teacher was talking about a talk he had with an MMA friend of his who also practices the spiritual and martial sides of ba gua zhang what he told him was whenever he tried to bring it into the ring it was like the flow of power was cut off. :thinking:

Best i can figure it may be a result of the human ego getting in the way of the process which allow sthe energy to flow in the first place when trying to use it in things which could result in fame for example

Now I am new to magick so I don’t really have much say over magick but I have been studying and practicing physical combat all my life. Personally I do not think the types of magick you seek exists to the extent you would hope but focusing your chi for combat can be attained by many years of training and meditation. @DarkestKnight I think you very much covered the rest. So my words to you @darkchylde if these comments that we have given are close enough to what you seek then hard work is ahead of you in order to obtain that strength. Now if you just wanted the information of it then I hope that our words were helpful.

Yes i am happy with the answers…thank you for a quick response😀

I could picture someone creating a technique of building and programming energy in there fist or fist that wherever it’s it’s the person with get massive blisters there.

Or some else that I believe is more possible, I’ve heard that some people who practice enough can zap people with there hand whenever they want so what about gaining a level what matches a taser and combining it with spear hand, or a throw.