Colours associated with Azazel and Astarte


I like to create pottery sometimes and I’ve thrown a couple of bowls to honour/dedicate to Azazel and Astarte. I’m trying to decide which coloured slips to use for decoration. I need to know which colours are associated with Azazel and Astarte. As far as I understand, blue and black are Azazel’s colours? And maybe red for Astarte?


In my opinion, black and red are linked to Azazel and also this is what my intuition tells me (I can explain why if it’s the case), idk about blue. When I think about Astarte, definitely red is the color which represents Her. She is known as being a godess which is linked to love and war. Red is linked to love and war.


Astarte is connected with the element Earth, Brown and Green (for some sources is Red and Blue, however I found that Brown and Green work far better, at least in my experience) are the colors that are associated with Her.
Azazel is connected with the element Air, and yes, His colors are usually Black and Red as also said by Alex01.


I agree!


Astarte’s main color to me always was orange.

And she worked a lot on my behalf. :blush:




If you ever use lustre glazes, Azazel appears to me in his bodiless form as black covered by gold lustre, like rainbow obsidian, and the shape at the core of the ball of energy is an elongated octahedron.


Aaaand… thanks for reminding :). Gotta offer him an artwork


Good observation, the fact that She is a godess which is also known for representing the procreation and fertility links Her to the element earth which is linked to green.


Thanks guys. I went with yellow for Astarte and dark blue for Azazel - I didn’t have many colour choices available, and these two were what felt right to me. Of course, I hadn’t seen the answers in this thread. But I got the message from Astarte to go with what I felt drawn to. Azazel didn’t say anything about the matter. I think they’ll be happy with the bowls anyway. :slight_smile: Also made a couple of incense stick holders dedicated to them - the bowls and the holders will have their sigils inscribed, using the sgraffito technique. :slight_smile:


Sounds really nice. My dad was a potter and used sgrafitto sometimes. I like it a lot.


Me too. :slight_smile: