Colors of Ascent: What does it look like to you?

When i focus on Ascent, my Aura takes on hot pinkish hues and tones. Like a fiery pink flame
I can see vibrations swirling around my aura and sometimes feel them

What sensations do you feel?
What colors do you see when you meditate on Ascent?


This is a prelude to a powerful meditation im developing by the way

White silver and blue…but then again I’ve been working with Sirius so that’s why.


Black, magenta, and red with yellow tints

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Right on. I’ve let myself be influenced by checkra theory. Every occultist knows all about it these days.

I have my own idea of right and left, red and blue. I didn’t copy it from Democrat and Republican symbols. They got it from classic art theory which is based on natural tendencies.

The Wicca I learned as a teenager put red as male and blue as female, red as fast and blue as stable.

I call yellow gold because that makes it sound cooler. It represents the thread of noble excellence in creation. There are some very rare and special truths that are whole and not half truths. These are the golden rules and proportions, the perfectly irrational numbers and awesome stuff like that.

I love color in meditation. I think I wanna learn Reiki.


Honestly, I don’t really see colours so much as feel textures/feelings…

Ascent feels fluid and fast, and maybe cool. Like a blizzard forming in the early winter.

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I’ll start to pay attention. For now I may say that I often had that experience of seeing the room becoming brighter.