Colonial Empires happened because of magick?

Did colonial empires happen with the help of magick. I head the queen got a witch or someone like that to use magick when the spanish armada was going to attack england and a storm came and wiped out the entire spanish armarda.

Is there any evidence that magick was used in destroying the spanish and the european, american colonial empires?

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Queen Elizabeth First trusted a lot to John Dee, mathematician, teacher of navigation, an astrologer and astronomer, an alchemist and a magician too.
Some believe he is the one who first who started to call Britain The British Empire.
He also casted spell on the Spanish Armada at 1588 with a great success.
It’s a very long story.


You might like the book John Dee and the Empire of Angels by Jason Louv. It tells the story of Dee’s life, including a detailed recounting of the angelic conversations he and Kelly had with the angels, which led to the reception of the Enochian system of angel magick. In case you are unaware, Enochian has been the core of pretty much every major magickal movement in Western Occultism leading up to the 21st century, including such as the Rosicrucians, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and Crowley’s Thelema.

So in short, yeah pretty much. The angels told me themselves they work to guide geopolitics and political/military conquest, not surprising given their cosmological functions. If this is a topic that interests you, I cannot recommend the book enough. Dee’s story sounds like something out of a fiction novel, with political intrigue, adventure, and magick abound, but his life was very real, and the impact of it is still being felt today, I would argue.

The book also covers some Qabbalah basics, and elaborates on the movements in western occultism following Dee’s death, but the core of the book centers around the angelic conversations, the reception and development of the Enochian system, and Dee, Kelly, and the angels’ geopolitical maneuverings.

Pretty good read, I’d say.


Empires and their debris can be destroyed by Magick. Currently in the process. These things take time, but by 2040.

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