College Research on Religious Tolerance (comments encouraged)

Hello fellow magicians, I am writing this post to help enable my research into religious tolerance in our society. While it maybe laughable due to constant persecution by one organized religion, however I want to tackle this controversial topic. Plus no one in my class has the balls to do it.

Since spirituality is important to me, especially when it is of your own free will. I have the following argument for my thesis on my paper.

Humans by nature are very spiritual beings with varying views, and perceptions of their own reality.

You as a spiritual being have a right to believe and practice whatever version of spirituality you desire, free from superstitious dogma, legal punishment, social judgement, reprisal from friends and family, and shame.

In my research I will have the following questions in mind which will give my argument a lot of weight:

How does our society view established organized religions, and other spiritual belief systems not established (ex. paganism, satanism, shamanism etc)?

How does people in these spiritual paths view others outside their belief system?

What are the myths and misconceptions of most of these belief systems vs how it actually is?

What are a some laws and policies that protect freedoms to practice individual beliefs? how does this differ in a some other countries?

How has religion influenced history and vice versa?

I strongly encourage all of you to share your thoughts and views on this subject as it will greatly enhance my research.

I have posted this on my blog, as well as on my Facebook.

In case you are wondering one of my sources will be Timothy’s book: Black Magick: The Left Hand Path.

Again thank you for your comments. :slight_smile:

This may be outside the remit (and word count) of your paper, but who decides that this right to express spiritual curiosity exists is important - to use a parallel, most people HAVE a sex drive, but they don’t have the right to express it in any form, for example on little kids or their own parents, at least if caught - humans HAVE a spiritual hunger, but the outside world (especially of course under the genocidal middle eastern cults) has largely made expressing it, except through a narrow group of avenues, illegal and dangerous.

There are many eras when people having the kinds of spiritual experiences we on this forum take for granted would, had they reported them, have been subject to persecution or aggressive exorcism and so on.

I don’t have time to dig into the questions right now but did want to bring this up for consideration.

Also, what’s your deadline for getting feedback on this, to give you time for the work?

I’m guessing you’ll need to give references to back up your ideas, but please confirm whether this is correct, that so people can add any linkage they find (if you’re using APA citation style, there are engines to quickly turn a URL into a formatted citation).